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It’s time for some game theory! Since it would be irresponsible not to speculate [?], let’s game out some scenarios for the current administration.




1) What are the odds that Trump will complete his first term? (State the odds, as in “a million to one,” “one in a million,” and so forth.)

2) What are reasonable scenarios for Trump leaving, or retaining, office? (Give a narrative. Example for leaving: “A rogue faction of the Joint Chiefs of staff, outraged by….”, as opposed to a fill-in-the-blank phrase, like “successful military coup.” For retaining: “Neera Tanden, believing her revolutionary cell had not been penetrated by Wackenhut…”, as opposed to “failed liberal putsch.”

3) For the outcome of the scenario developed above, is the country better or worse off? Define “better.” Or “worse off.” Or both.

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Trump ordered the ATF to send in a “Special Task Force” from DC of 20 top agents to form the new Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force

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February 7-8, 2017 — SPECIAL REPORT. Trump chief adviser was aide to two CNOs during the largest pedophile crime in U.S. naval history 

(in: WMR GENERAL ARCHIVES February 2017) 

Feb 6, 2017

Why was  Stephen Bannon so prized by the Reagan administration? What did he know and why did he know it?


Could Stephen Bannon be getting too big for the White House?

The controversial counselor to the president has seen his profile soar higher than ever in recent days.

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Obama’s Raqqa Plan





The Senate on Tuesday confirmed Betsy DeVos to lead the Department of Education by the slimmest of margins, capping off a rocky, high-stakes fight for President Trump’s pick.

Vice President Mike Pence cast the rare deciding vote on DeVos, breaking a 50-50 tie after Republican Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) became the first senators to oppose a Trump Cabinet pick, joining all Democrats.

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Hillary Clinton Gives Her First Speech Since the Inauguration to Tell Us the Future Is Female



The above is a “must watch” video for those who want to know what women really think about the feminist movement.  We don’t often get a chance to speak out and be heard on the topic so this is an anomaly in itself.  People talk today about “perception management”, “identity politics” and the like.  Simply put, it’s all about divide and conquer and always has been.

The perps had a problem back in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s.  How would they successfully manage the boomer generation of women?  There was soon going to be masses of young women–a majority, if truth be told in the population (there always being more women than men in any given society)  who were raised to work, to contribute to the gross national product.  How were the controllers of society going to keep them “pregnant and barefoot in the kitchens and/or working for peanuts” at the same time?  So they invented (with the help of anti-women agents like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan) “feminism”.  It was the latest groove…the thing to do and be. It was “freedom”.  They gave the young women the pill and abortion, let them go braless and sleep with multiple partners (hey, doesn’t this all more directly serve the goals of the male capitalists? Never mind…).  But they still had to (and still do) work for peanuts.  They still lack representation in the boardrooms of capitalist power and the hallways of government.

Marion Le Pen never said anything truer than when she said that women don’t want to have abortions.  They want to have children.  By far and away the highest reason for abortions is the economic situation having a baby will put a woman (particularly a single woman) in.  It is the devaluation of motherhood in our society that’s the cause of abortion…not laws.  The reviving of the entire topic of abortion, as I have said in previous posts, is a gross insult to women.  I have always said that I would agree to the banning of abortion if there were a law that all male rapists had to be castrated.  I always have a good chuckle to myself when I think about the dynamic that would take place if that were to be publicly espoused in the media….millions of men would simultaneously and defensively grab their crotch!  lolololol.

We don’t need any more phony “women’s liberation”, feminism OR anti-abortion campaigns.  What we need is a revolution in how society treats mothers and motherhood.  There needs to be a fundamental understanding and appreciation by society and capitalists for the sacrifice that goes with being a mother…financial, emotional, time, career potential, etc.  I understand that in the US…where the abortion issue has been recently revived by Trump and others….they don’t even give a new mother paid maternity leave!  Not to mention affordable, reliable and safe daycare.

All this recent pink pussy cat hat crap is just like Marion Le Pen says it is….an effort to marginalize women and merge them in the public mind with other weird minorities like the LBGT communities and Muslim refugees.  Then get them to bicker and waste time/energy amongst themselves.


Meanwhile….young women, faced with the “choice” between being able to feed and clothe themselves…get an education…and ultimately preserve for themself the option of finding/maintaining a successful, meaningful and satisfying relationship with a life partner…will continue to seek abortions.

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Pink ‘Pussyhat’ Creator Addresses Criticism Over Name 

“… what it comes down to is that femininity is really disrespected in our society,” Suh explained…..




Le Serveur



The War on Drugs: Oxytocin, Cultural Marxism vs. the West, and their Synthesis 



Composing a Life, Mary Catherine Bateson, Plume, 1990.

[About life as a work in progress – the improvisations of five extraordinary women — and the role of women in the autopoesis of self, family, household, community, and society.]


“… we need to stop the politicization of everything in America….”


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Torture, but not Trump

Israel passes bill to seize private Palestinian land for Jewish settlements”.  “Israel passes law to legalize theft of private Palestinian land”.  New annual holiday/holy-day for the people who define themselves solely as land thieves and murderers.

So You Want to Start a Resistance”.  There is something to be said for resisting by refusing to participate in the games of the elites, but that leaves the elites free to do some pretty horrible stuff that decent and moral people wouldn’t be able to abide.  Historically, luck for real progressives comes when one group of elites is successfully manipulated to be parried by another.  The big goal now, obviously, is to block the effects of The Shekeling by the Jewish billionaires.

I wonder how he got into the country with that headgear:  “‘Mad Dog’ U.S. defence secretary says he has a soft spot for Canadian troops”.  Note:

“One Canadian-American military analyst said it’s important to watch what Mattis says, while remembering he’s not the boss: “(There’s) the caveat of: I don’t believe anything that Mattis says binds this administration,” said Steve Saideman of Carleton University.

“Mattis is in the outer circle — and has been bypassed on major issues.””

Trump Administration Lists 78 ‘Under-reported’ Terror Attacks – Leaves Israel Out”.  Part of a series!

The Futile Efforts of Donald Trump” (Shamir with some dangerous stuff):

“I’d suggest a simple explanation. Jews want to import Muslims to fight Christ and the Church.

Muslims of the Middle East are not, or weren’t, anti-Christian; they co-existed for millennia with their Christian neighbours. In Palestine, Christians and Muslims lived together and suffered together under the Jewish yoke.

But recently a new wind has blown in the Muslim faith, the wind of a very strong rejection of whatever is not strict Sunni Islam of the ISIS brand. Their first enemy is Shia Islam, but Christians follow Shias as a second-best object of persecution. The much softer Muslim Brotherhood has also hardened towards Christians. In Gaza, Hamas (a branch of MB) delivers friendly speeches, but the Christians are leaving the Strip very fast. MB rule in Cairo was considered anti-Christian by their Copt neighbours. So the new refugees from ISIS-touched lands (six out of Trump’s Seven: Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan) have been possibly infected with anti-Christian tendency.

It is almost a superfluous quality, anyway. The Muslims are being used as silent partners in the Jewish war on the Church. Instead of saying: “We, Jews, do not want to hear church bells, see Christmas scenes and hear Christian blessings”, these modest and retiring people usually refer to Muslims. Muslims do not want to hear church bells and see Christmas trees, they say. We Jews are just more considerate towards our Muslim brethren, so we notice that, while you brutes do not. Muslim sensitivities are already quoted in Germany to exclude pork-based local delicacies and to ban Christmas celebrations. It doesn’t matter that normally Muslims do not object to Christmas celebrations, as we know from our experience in Palestine. The Jews and other enemies of the Church say it all the same.

With the new ISIS-infected Muslims, the war on the Church will proceed even better. For sure, the US judges like the Seattle one will ban Christmas celebrations in a few years’ time citing the same refugees they insist on delivering to America’s shores.

The war on Christ and the Church is the most important element of Judaism. Wherever Jews succeed, the Church suffers, and vice versa. Israel, the Jewish state, has been located at the cradle of Christianity not by whim of Zionists: actually, the leading Zionist Theodore Herzl called for establishing the Jewish state elsewhere, from Uganda (modern Kenya) to Argentina. But the struggle against Christ necessitated their choice of Palestine with its deep Christian roots.

The most popular Jewish early medieval text glorified Judas for his victory over Jesus Christ. Fight against the Church and Christ in-formed Jewish weapons: media and money. The Church was an enemy of moneylenders; interest has been forbidden by the church, but it was used by Jews to accumulate their vast capital to be used against the Church.”

Is Soros The Source Of Funds Behind The “Muslim Ban” Lawsuits?”:  “But raising that kind of money that quickly is difficult to do at $20 a pop.”

As Iran Dumps Dollar, Congress Quietly Slips in Bill for ‘Use of Force Against Iran’”.  The Shekeling never stops.  “Illinois warns European Union on boycotting settlements”.

The concentration camp guard does his part for Zionist warmongering:  “Trump’s Neocon?”

Executive Power Run Amok”.  Note the author!  Executive power includes torture, but not Trump.

Early worries that Trump is being swayed by The Shekeling (bearing in mind that Trump fancies himself as a deal maker and a negotiator, and hot air may not be leading to war, but in lieu of it):

1″Baiting Iran: How Trump Risks Inflaming the Middle East”;

2″Is the Trump Administration Already Over?”; and

3″Trump Foreign Policy in Turmoil”.

Google Emerges As Financial Sponsor Behind Tech Giants’ Anti-Trump Crusade”.

Wikileaks Claims Information on French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron: Support for Fillon Plunges”.  All the conspiracies in public view turn on Le Pen, either getting her elected or blocking her election.

Proportional Representation cures cancer & wipes out poverty…”

Justin “Weed lmao” Trudeau Cancels Election Reform, Citing Alt-Right Threat”.  One of many, many excellent reasons to keep the current system.  If you want to see a stupid voting system putting a small minority group of fascists in charge of an entire country, just look to Israel.  These crappy voting systems actually encourage extremism.

Strange bedfellows at ‘anti-racism’ forum”.  It is hilarious that violent racist group supremacists are inevitably found leading ‘anti-racism’ initiatives.

The Rohingya Psyops: Waging Covert War on Myanmar”.  Very interesting analysis of Myanmar in line with what is really going on in Syria, foreign proxy armies working to destabilize the state hidden under religious sectarianism.

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won”.

How We Were Misled About Syria: Channel 4 News”.  “Extrapolated Hearsay – Amnesty Report Claims Mass Executions, Provides No Proof”.

Who could have guessed that a Clintonista calling for a military coup against a sitting President might cause a stir?  Btw, Foreign Policy is almost unusable, throwing up more scripts than a Moldavian porn site!  I can see puffs of smoke coming off my ad- and script-blockers.

Speaking of which, concern trolling from Kagan that Trump may not be willing to fight the wars his hot air provokes.

Neocons are mad and sad because Tulsi Gabbard is kicking their butts”.

Of course, it is ‘anti-Semitic’ to notice the kinds of nonsense that go on, big and small, everywhere:  “How a London theater became a BDS battleground”.

On Comments”.  Straw man conceals the real problem.

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[&&]{* Super Bowl*}[##]





Patriots Parade 2017: Twitter Reaction, Photos, Videos, GIFs and More

Bleacher Report

The New England Patriots celebrated their comeback Super Bowl victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Tuesday morning with a parade through the streets of Boston




Federal Court Hearing on FBI Clinton Records – Agency Wants Up to Two Years to Turn Over 35 Records – Judicial Watch

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Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Chrome 56 quietly added Bluetooth snitch API The Register (Chuck L)

Ecuadorian Presidential candidate’s first act after Feb 19: terminate Assange asylum eltelegrafo.com.ec/noticias/punto… @wikileaks

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Simple Way to Save the U.S. Military National Interest



Day 107

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Day 107

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Syrian mass executions