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itchy-nosed corpse 

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cruise missile realities 



SPECIAL: Russian Battled Damage Report on Raytheon Cruise Missile Attack — 23 out of 59 Missiles Hit Target (39%) — Should US Pay 39% of List Price for Raytheon Missiles Going Forward?

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The Syrian Missile Attack 1.2



SweDoctors: Syria’s gassed babies video fraud | 09 April 2017 | The photos of gassed Syrian babies, which visibly moved US President Trump, and were displayed as a major piece of evidence against President Assad at the UN by ambassador Nikki Haley, are in the centre of an international scandal accused of fraud. Swedish Doctors For Human Rights ( analysed videos – the rescue operations after an alleged chemical attack by Syrian government forces.



Tillerson: US will ‘hold to account’ states that commit atrocities

[Ed.: Does this include Israel? Does it suggest self-discipline or self-awareness?]

[&&]{**}[##] engage in combat with United States forces in Syria






When China boldly seized a U.S. underwater drone in the South China Sea last December and initially refused to give it back, the incident ignited a weeklong political standoff and conjured memories of a similar event more than 15 years ago. In April 2001, just months before the 9/11 attacks gripped the nation, a U.S. Navy spy plane flying a routine reconnaissance mission over the South China Sea was struck by a People’s Liberation Army fighter jet that veered aggressively close. The mid-air collision killed the Chinese pilot, crippled the Navy plane, and forced it to make an emergency landing at a Chinese airfield, touching off a tense international showdown for nearly two weeks while China refused to release the two-dozen American crew members and damaged aircraft. SOURCE: THE INTERCEPT



China’s capital is stepping up a campaign against foreign espionage from Monday, offering rewards ranging from $1,500 to $73,000 to citizens who blow the whistle on suspected spies, state media said. Since taking office in 2013, President Xi Jinping has overseen a raft of laws and campaigns to secure China’s national security against both domestic and foreign threats. The “pressing” need for new measures to guard against foreign spies is an unfortunate side-effect of China’s reform and opening up to the world, the official Beijing Daily newspaper said. SOURCE: YAHOO NEWS



MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017

Particularly joyous

Where Was CIA’s Pompeo on Syria?” (Parry).  The whole reason for releasing these meeting photos is to provide credibility to the decision:

“Before the photo was released on Friday, a source told me that Pompeo had personally briefed Trump on April 6 about the CIA’s belief that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was likely not responsible for the lethal poison-gas incident in northern Syria two days earlier — and thus Pompeo was excluded from the larger meeting as Trump reached a contrary decision.”


“But in the photo of Trump and his advisers, no one from the intelligence community is in the frame. You see Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, strategic adviser Steve Bannon, son-in-law Jared Kushner and a variety of other officials, including some economic advisers who were at Mar-a-Lago in Florida for the meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

However, you don’t see Pompeo or Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats or any other intelligence official. Even The New York Times noted the oddity in its Saturday editions, writing: “If there were C.I.A. and other intelligence briefers around, … they are not in the picture.”

That made me wonder whether perhaps my original source did know something. The claim was that CIA Director Pompeo had briefed Trump personally on the analysts’ assessment that Assad’s forces were not responsible, but – then with Pompeo sidelined – Trump conveyed his own version of the intelligence to his senior staff.

In other words, the other officials didn’t get the direct word from Pompeo but rather received a second-hand account from the President, the source said. Did Trump choose to rely on the smug certainty from the TV shows and the mainstream news media that Assad was guilty, rather than the contrary view of U.S. intelligence analysts?”

Why Is Media Citing Man Accused of Kidnapping Journalists as Credible Source on Syrian Chemical Attack?”

Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment” (Parry).  Note the new narrative that Kushner and Bannon are on the same MAGA side on this, against the neocons led by McMaster, a protégé of Petraeus.

Chemical Attack in Idlib – Duplication of Scenario in Eastern Ghouta”.  The story seems to have been yanked because of legal proceedings:  “Britam Defence, David Goulding and Philip Doughty”.  See also:  “NYT Retreats on 2013 Syria-Sarin Claims”.  You would have thought that the Jew-controlled media would have been mentioning Ghouta constantly as part of their usual process to establish their latest lies, but it never appeared.

Fake news story in mainstream AND alt-media slanders Russia and Iran”.  They tuned up the story to make it sound like more of a threat to the United States.

Window Dressing”.

Very detailed analysis of Ghouta:  “SENTENCE FIRST – VERDICT AFTERWARDS’? by David Habbakkuk”.  Note the role of the Brits in establishing the lies (seemingly a British specialty), and the need to obtain un-tampered samples (chain of custody).  The goal is to establish whether the stabilizing chemicals present in laboratory-made chemicals – the kind that a government like Syria would use – is present in the samples taken from the field.  If not, the chemicals would be ‘cottage industry’ sarin made by a group like al Qaeda.  Of course, it appears sarin was not involved in the latest case, and in any event Trump didn’t even bother to wait for phony analysis.

Expensive day for George:  “Tens of thousands rally in Hungary over university bill”.

Decades later, CSIS’s white supremacy infiltrator tells his story”.  There wasn’t a white nationalist group in Canada until the goofball Canadian spies paid for one – reflect on the similarities to today’s use of informants by law enforcement to create phony Muslim terrorists.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin”.  “Politico Called Anti-Semitic As They Accuse Chabad In Trump’s Russia Scandal”.

Bill Kristol’s Victory Dance”.

Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes–Zero Are Critical”.

Tweet (liberalism.txt):

“Running list of liberal publications selling another war”

Tweet (Soraya Tebbani):

“A little thread showing the definition of back stabbing.(for any Arabic ruler thinking it’s safe )  let start with Assad  just b4 the war”

AT 4/10/2017 05:09:00 AM


“A pair of veteran leaders on the left, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, called on Hawaiians to vote Rep. Tulsi Gabbard out of office after the Democrat questioned whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was responsible for last week’s chemical attack” [CNN (DK)]. Orthodoxy enforcement won’t be easy in this case: Gabbard won 81.2% of the vote in her last election.

Health Care

“The physicians with whom I’ve spoken agree that doctors who put in the extra time to create relationships with patients do it because they feel it is the right thing to do, despite the fact that the system doesn’t reward their efforts. But a system that relies on physician good-heartedness alone is hardly sustainable, especially given that half of physicians already report professional burnout” [Health Affairs]. “The good news is that a quiet revolution is now afoot in medicine. Many doctors, just like their patients, long to have more healing encounters and foster strong patient-doctor relationships. To achieve that, we will have to rethink how we deliver medicine.” The title: “How To Win The Doctor Lottery.” I’m sure some readers have won this lottery, and equally sure some have lost. We need more winners. 



Mongoose: Dirty Jared Kushner — the Ugly Facts…

by Editor

Text discussion here:

Kushner’s Felon Father Back at Helm of New York Empire With Two Fellow Inmates

“It can’t hurt to be doing business with Jared Kushner’s family. It’s a road to the administration.”

Additional Video #FireKushner Below the Fold.

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The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin – POLITICO Magazine

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President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he would nominate Kevin Hassett (shown) as chairman of his Council of Economic Advisors. Immediately, Glenn Hubbard, a neocon serving as a visiting scholar at the “conservative” American Enterprise Institute (AEI), piped up to laud Hassett’s nomination and Trump’s wisdom in selecting him for the position: “He’s not just a standard-issue really good economist, [Hassett is] someone who knows how policy works. The tax changes being considered are really aimed at boosting investment, so I think Kevin is exactly the right person.”

He’s the right person if Trump wants someone whose resumé includes stints at the Federal Reserve with experience advising Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. He’s the right person if Trump is looking for a Keynesian who believes with all his heart that the economy can be managed and manipulated into certain behaviors with certain predictable outcomes. He’s the man for the job if Trump doesn’t care where his political sympathies lie.

For instance, even though Hassett has been a resident scholar at the AEI for 20 years, he has no problem teaming up with other “scholars” at outfits such as the far-left Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). In 2012, he partnered with Dean Baker, a co-director of the CEPR, in writing an op-ed piece for the liberal New York Times, “The Human Disaster of Unemployment.” In that piece he advocated for more government spending that “should appeal to the left and the right [and] spend money to help expand public and private training programs … expand entrepreneurial opportunities by increasing access to small-business financing … [and] explore subsidies for private employers who hire [the] long-term unemployed.”

The CEPR has for years trumpeted the “success” of the socialist revolution taking place in Venezuela. As an example, in June 2016 Mark Weisbrot, the other co-founder of the outfit, got the New York Times to publish “A U.S. Policy of Non-Intervention in Venezuela Would Be a Welcome Change,” claiming that “Washington has caused enormous damage to Venezuela in its relentless pursuit of ‘regime change’ for the last 15 years.” The CEPR boasts far-left ideologues Danny Glover and Julian Bond as board members, and financial support from the Ford Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Rockefeller Foundation.



Russian Oligarch in Election Probe Linked to Drug Cartel

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Daniel Hopsicker

New evidence indicates that Oleg Deripaska, the Russian billionaire who paid $10 million a year to Paul Manafort between 2004 and 2009, has been in business since 2004 in Guyana with a politically powerful crime family involved in international drug trafficking whose most famous member is a drug pilot who had also been the chief pilot of the owner of the flight school in Venice Florida that taught Mohamed Atta to fly. 


April 10-11, 2017 — The emerging Hillary Donald Trumpton administration 

(in: WMR GENERAL ARCHIVES April 2017) 

Apr 10, 2017

A neocon foreign policy and new taxes are hallmarks of Hillary Donald Trumpton.


“US President Donald Trump will host a White House Passover seder Monday night, an administration official told The Times of Israel on Sunday, confirming that the new administration will continue a tradition started by former president Barack Obama.” 


Hezbollah on Sunday has condemned the awful crimes committed by terrorist ISIL group which targeted churches in Egypt’s Tanta and Alexandria, killing and injuring dozens of innocent civilians.

In a statement released by the party’s Media Relations office, Hezbollah offered condolences to victims’ families, calling for uniting efforts to confront terrorism in the region.

“This continuous and escalating killing carried out by criminal gangs in the name of religion is one of the greatest catastrophes our Ummah (nation) has been witnessing,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah pointed out that such crimes were planned for by major powers and regional countries which have been offering different kinds of support to terrorists, in a bid to sow discord between the region’s peoples who have lived together for centuries.

Furthermore, the Lebanese resistance party stressed that targeting faithful people in churches during Palm Sunday is a savage act which indicates that these groups have no humanity.

This crime “comes as a part of a big scheme to displace Christians from Sinai and other areas across Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, paving the way for sectarian and ethnic federalization in favor of the Zionist enemy,” Hezbollah warned.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah voiced support for Egypt and its people, urging all sides to realize the seriousness of the “great conspiracy targeting our Ummah,” and to unite efforts in confronting terrorists along with their regional and international sponsors.

Al-Manar | April 10, 2017





Le Pen Calls Multiculturalism a Weapon for Islamic Extremists

[Ed.: .. and their creators, funders and employers]




A couple accused of ‘gifting’ their daughters to a cult plead guilty 



Disney goes Westworld? Media giant plans 3D printed, soft robots for ‘human interaction’ (IMAGES) 





[Ed.: I am too old, weak, ill and infirm to get all up in arms and surrounded by boxes of this and that in preparation for Armageddon. (But that’s not an admission of being incapable or unprepared!)

Beyond love and best wishes, I am no longer responsible for children or even grand-children. Their parents are responsible for them (and themselves). (But that’s not to say we don’t try to educate, inform, and guide them.)

My wife and I picked out and implemented our approach meticulously — my wife has a spreadhseet to keep track of her spreadsheets — and we have made our choice.

We have — to borrow a phrase from Derrick Jensen, –“driven our picket pin”.

We live in an area with an excess of fresh water and farms active with veggies, chickens, pork and beef, though poisons and biologicals may rain on us.

If nuclear should come to the neighborhood, everyone will be very busy.

The meme of prepping and survival is available in a lot of places; I’ve posted a few of those links myself. The powers that be are not going to allow Armageddon because they would no longer have a game to control.  

Oh, yes, the retort will be that they have undergound bunkers and robots and are preparing to merge with machines and venture out into the great beyond, but let’s be real; who really wants to live in a concrete cave or a metal tube with AI slave-cretins?

Well, obviously, some do. I’ll stay above ground and interact with humans.

The human animal is programmed for contact, communication and connection; see the videos by Siegel and Sinek at running through walls and do the prepping around those themes.]


Close-In Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft 

to rapidly deploy large, geographically dispersed networks 

of sensors and/or mesh communication nodes 


[O]ur greatness isn’t found in micromanaging the ageless hatreds and enmities of the past, found in abundance in the Middle East, it is found in creating the future here at home and sharing that insight with the world. It’s found by discovering, through trial and error, the best ways to maximize human potential in a world being driven forward by new technologies and globalization. 


“… The Trump presidency is playing its evil hand, and clearly despite the bluster of this president elected on a promised lie of populism contrasted with the smooth snakeskin operator spin of the last, the totalitarian oligarchy serving the interests of the ruling elite remains the only real constant. But despite the planetary controllers continued pathologically acting out their insanity with more false flags, violence, death and war, the cooler heads of state from the East have prevailed. But they need our collective help to stop the demonic Western madness. Their diabolical truth is unraveling for all the world to see now how the elite’s endgame is constantly backfiring and thwarted. We see their evil ways and we must act now to stop them. If we are ready for change, humanity’s transformation will come. The old crumbling system will fall, and from the ashes will come opportunity to create a spiritually based new one. Hope and pray for the best, prepare for the worst. Following the light of truth and love, and we can’t go wrong.”

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Inside the “Et Tu Brute” White House Coup 

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