everything’s end

everything’s end

Scenario ONE: Imagine that you are on board a ship, which is slowly sinking. There is no land in sight, and your radio transmitter is not functioning properly. There are several people on board and you care for them, deeply. You don’t want this to be the end of ‘everything’.

What do you do?

1A) You fix for yourself a nice portion of fried rice with prawns

2B) You turn on the TV set, which is still somehow miraculously working, and watch the news about the future Scottish referendum or on BREXIT

3C) You jump into the water immediately, try to identify the damage, and then attempt to do something unthinkable with your simple tools and capabilities: to save the ship

Imagine another scenario:

SCENARIO TWO: By mistake, your wife eats two full tubes of sleeping pills, supposedly confusing them with a new line of candies. As you find her on the floor, she appears to be unconscious and her face looks rather bluish.

What would your course of action be?

1A) After you realize that her high heels do not match the color of her pantyhose, you run to the closet in search of a much better pair of shoes to achieve the balance

2B) You carry her without delay to the bathroom, pump out her stomach, and try to resuscitate her while calling the ambulance using the speakerphone function

3C) You recall how you first met, get nostalgic, and rush to your living room library in order to find a book of love sonnets by Pablo Neruda, which you then recite to her kneeling on the carpet

Make your choices, and then read the whole piece here:


by Andre Vltchek / April 14th, 2017




FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017


CONFIRMED: US sharply cuts air operations in Syria fearing Russian missiles”:

“. . . what this episode shows is the huge leverage the presence of the S-400 and S-300VM Antey-2500 missiles in Syria is giving the Russians.

The Russians do not need to make threats or fire missiles at the US or do any other reckless or dangerous things to make their point and to limit US air operations in Syria.  Despite all the brave talk of Russia being under pressure in Syria, the reality is that the Russians can achieve the same result simply by turning off the telephone.  That is what they have done, and it the reason for the tough negotiations between Tillerson and the Russians in Moscow.”

Trump May Send Up To 50,000 Troops To Syria”.  “Syria: Watching the Jordanian Border”. Trump has so many balls in the air right now that it is impossible to tell which ones are real and which ones a distraction, but Yinon through blackmail is always a good guess.  The extreme unpredictability of North Korea’s reaction to any Trump hijinx, and the extreme potential damage of such a defensive reaction (nuking Seoul and Japan would cause a world-wide depression), means that Korea is almost certainly a distraction.

H.R. McMaster’s Ties To Soros-Supported Think Tank Raise Questions”.  Backdoored by the shabbos goy!

“A smart professor (yes, they DO exist) explains North Korea”.  The North Koreans correctly see the United States as an unpredictable psychopathic monster that can only be handled by creating defensive deterrence to irrational monstrous attacks.  Gaddafi didn’t have a bayonet up his ass until he gave up his WMDs.

Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya”.  Thanks Obama (and Hillary)!

Secstate Tillerson’s Chief Of Staff Margaret Peterlin Has Been Managing US Cyber Warfare Operations Against Russia For Years”.  We had a misplaced hope that Tillerson, as an outsider, might bring some common sense to the Trump Administration, but he has just surrounded himself with the swamp and is allowing himself to be dragged down by it.  My guess is that being a lowly valet for World Jewry is going to quickly grow old, and Tillerson will soon find something else better to do with his time.

Tillerson in Moscow: False dawn in US-Russia ties?”  I think Tillerson was there solely for the purposes of telling Putin that Trump would continue to have to use Russia as a punching bag for domestic political reasons, and Putin would have to put up with it.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo Goes Insane, Refers To Julian Assange And His Followers As “Demons””.  “Pompeo: WikiLeaks is a ‘hostile intelligence service'”.  “CIA Director Smears Wikileaks After Tweeting Them During 2016 Election”.  “Pompeo Likens Wikileaks’ Release Of Cia’s Hacking Tools To Philip Agee”.  “WikiLeaks ‘hostile intel,’ Assange & his followers ‘demons’: CIA chief goes ballistic”.  Pompeo, hiding in the closet for the last week so he couldn’t be asked about the latest Syrian gas false-flag, emerges in a bizarre attack against WikiLeaks.  Of course, Pompeo wouldn’t have his job had WikiLeaks not provided the information about backroom Democratic Party perfidy that helped to lead to the Killary loss (in large part due to natural Democrat voters staying home as they couldn’t tolerate the Clinton stench).  I have to assume that this is part of the general Trump mania – striking out simultaneously everywhere to change the subject and take the traditional American exceptionalist positions – caused by the blackmail threats against him.

Tweet (WikiLeaks):

“Those tunnels the U.S is bombing in Afghanistan? They were built by the CIA http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/11/magazine/lost-at-tora-bora.html … (via @GabiElenaDohm)”

Some of the deplorables are wondering if all that money spend on building things and then blowing them up might be better spent elsewhere.

An Entire Generation is Likely to See Its Standard of Living Regress”.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Sees A “Russia Connection” Lurking Around Every Corner”.

Piecing Together More Details on Trump and Russia”.  Note that the GCHQ spying on Trump, at one point treated as the height of silly attempted Trumpian deflection from his own treason, is now accepted as a given!  “British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia”.  “Report: British Intelligence Agencies, In Addition to Six Other Nations, Were All Spying on Trump”.  “CNN Confirms Fox’s Napolitano – British Intelligence Passed On Trump Surveillance To US Spy Agency”.  This is amazing – Napolitano was 100% right all along, and the only nonsense was GCHQ calling Napolitano’s allegations ‘nonsense’.

Will Russiagate Become Obamagate?”:

“The arguments that President Obama and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice have been making, asserting that they knew nothing about politically charged and highly sensitive FBI investigations are, of course, nonsense. Rice’s request for the identities of Americans appearing on transcripts of communications intercepts reveals that there was very much a heightened sense of the political dimensions of what was taking place. And she would have undoubtedly conveyed as much to her boss, suggesting yet again that the latest chapter in Russiagate may turn out to be Obamagate after all.”

The Russians Are Leaving // Why Members of the ‘Putin Aliyah’ Are Abandoning Israel”.

New Book Claims FBI Obstructed Justice In Boston Bombing” (sounds like the CIA handler, cleaning up loose ends, was allowed to escape):

“The book also contains some revelations about the night Tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police that beg for further investigation. For one, many of the cops who engaged the brothers in a shootout on Laurel Street in Watertown, Massachusetts, swear they saw two different muzzle flashes, indicating they were being shot at with two different firearms. However, only one firearm was ever recovered.

Watertown cop Jeffrey Pugliese encountered a still unknown individual in the backyard of one of the houses next to the shootout who appeared to be fleeing the scene. He did not pursue the mystery man at the time because he was focused on neutralizing the shooters. Is it possible this individual was the source of the second muzzle flash? Despite FBI pronouncements to the contrary, it appears possible, even likely, the Tsarnaevs had at least one accomplice.

Also, carjacking victim Dun Meng told investigators he first saw Dzhokhar emerge from 89 Dexter Avenue, a house around the corner from the scene of the shootout and an area the Tsarnaevs would return to repeatedly that night. After loading their stockpile of bombs into the back of Meng’s Mercedes SUV on Dexter Avenue, the brothers headed back to Cambridge to get gas, at a station where Meng made his escape.

According to McPhee, some cops suspect that members of a larger cell who may have helped the Tsarnaev brothers lived at 89 Dexter Avenue. When McPhee interviewed the owner of the property days after the shootout, he warned her to watch what she said because “the place is bugged by the FBI,” he said.

Strangest of all, according to McPhee, two of the residents of 89 Dexter have an uncanny resemblance to both Tamerlan and Dzhokhar. McPhee claims the now infamous “Naked Man,” who many still believe was actually Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but who police claim was just an innocent bystander, lived in the apartment. The other was a Saudi national who looked so much like Dzhokhar that he was taken into custody and questioned for hours. To this day, no one else has been named a suspect.”

What Everybody Needs to Know About Venezuela Protest Deaths”.

Tennessee Could Give Taxpayers America’s Fastest Internet For Free, But It Will Give Comcast and AT&T $45 Million Instead”. To be fair, these politicians/crooks have managed to fight off the only important issue for the people of Tennessee, sharia law!

On a lighter note:  “Clinton campaign plagued by bickering”.  “Israel’s first trans officer helps with ethnic cleansing”.

AT 4/14/2017 10:23:00 AM


Navy SEAL drug use “staggering,” investigation finds CBS. More deaths from despair…

New Cold War


Pompeo Likens Wikileaks’ Release of CIA’s Hacking Tools to Philip Agee emptywheel. Read to the end, which is more interesting than the headline.

CIA chief calls WikiLeaks ‘non-state hostile intelligence service’ LA Times

Will Russiagate Become Obamagate? Philip Giraldi, The American Conservative

British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia Guardian

Erdogan and Putin back investigation into Syria chemical attack Reuters. Here’s the Russian readout.

Lavrov says Russia, U.S. agree U.S. strikes on Syria should not be repeated: Interfax Reuters

Chuck Spinney explains why both parties love the Syria poison gas story Fabius Maximus

Jean-Luc Mélenchon promises ‘no Red Army tanks’ in France if he wins presidency after spectacular late surge Telegraph

United Removal Fiasco

United offers to compensate passengers on Flight 3411 CNN. Original email to passengers offered a voucher in exchange for “releasing” United from lawsuits. United later walked this back.

United apologizes — again — after attorney describes dragged passenger’s injuries LA Times. A lawyer for passenger Dao, “[Tom] Demetrio had a hand in winning several large settlements over the years, including a $1-billion class action settlement of concussion litigation against the NFL and NHL.” More on the same press conference from the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Towards Democratic Regulation of the Airline Industry Matt Stoller, Medium

Boycotting United Will Never Work. Here’s Why Bloomberg. Stoller a source.

Quick thoughts about airline economics Interfluidity (IDontKnow). Must-read, after reading Stoller

This economist had the simple solution to United’s debacle — in 1968 MarketWatch. Breaking up the airline monopolies is simple, too. At least conceptually…




the Syrian debacle


Video Evidence of False Claims Made in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017

Posted on April 14, 2017 by WashingtonsBlog

By Theodore A. Postol, professor emeritus of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT.  Postol’s main expertise is in ballistic missiles. He has a substantial background in air dispersal, including how toxic plumes move in the air. Postol has taught courses on weapons of mass destruction – including chemical and biological threats – at MIT.  Before joining MIT, Postol worked as an analyst at the Office of Technology Assessment, as a science and policy adviser to the chief of naval operations, and as a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory.  He also helped build a program at Stanford University to train mid-career scientists to study weapons technology in relation to defense and arms control policy. Postol is a highly-decorated scientist, receiving the Leo Szilard Prize from the American Physical Society, the Hilliard Roderick Prize from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Richard L. Garwin Award from the Federation of American Scientists.

This is my third report assessing the White House intelligence Report of April 11, 2017.  My first report was titled A Quick Turnaround Assessment of the White House Intelligence Report Issued on April 11, 2017 about the Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria and my second report was an Addendum to the first report.

⇒ Keep Reading



Amendments and Addenda



  April 14-16, 2017 — Trump administration produces fake intelligence on Russia in Syria and Afghanistan 

(in: WMR GENERAL ARCHIVES April 2017) 

Apr 14, 2017




Stand Down, Mr. Trump






the Korean situation

RT | April 14, 2017

As the world’s attention was on the first combat use of the conventional “Mother Of All Bombs,” the US National Nuclear Security Administration announced the successful field test of the modernized gravity nuclear bomb in Nevada.

The NNSA and the US Air Force completed the first qualification flight test of the B61-12 gravity nuclear bomb on March 14 at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, the agency announced on Thursday.

The test was intended to evaluate the weapon’s “non-nuclear functions” and the capability of the F-16 fighter to successfully deploy the bomb. An F-16 fighter from Nellis Air Force Base dropped the “non-nuclear test assembly,” the NNSA said in a statement.

“The successful test provides critical qualification data to validate that the baseline design meets military requirements,” said Brigadier General Michael Lutton, NNSA’s principal assistant deputy administrator for military application. The NNSA is part of the Department of Energy, which is charged with managing US nuclear weapons.

The B61-12 is a modernized version of the B61 gravity bomb, the mainstay of the Air Force’s nuclear arsenal and one of the legs of the so-called nuclear triad, along with the intercontinental ballistic missiles deployed from either ground-based silos or oceangoing submarines.

President Donald Trump has endorsed an ambitious – and expensive – plan to modernize the US nuclear triad, begun under his predecessor. The B61-12 is intended to consolidate and replace all the B61 variants currently in service.

Three successful development flight tests of the B61-12 were conducted in 2015. The March test was the first in a series scheduled to span the next three years, with the final design review due in September 2018 and the first production unit scheduled for completion by March 2020.

On Thursday, the US attracted the world’s attention by dropping a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), also known as “Mother Of All Bombs,” on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) positions in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. It was the first combat use of the weapon, the largest conventional bomb in the US arsenal.



US prepares preemptive strike against North Korea before another nuclear test

This is alarming if even remotely true. Though it feels like fear mongering. Thoughts?


[Ed.: I added mine.]


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi minced no words, warning war could erupt “at any moment” on the Korean peninsula.

Whoever provokes it “must assume the historic responsibility and pay the corresponding price, he stressed, explaining dangerously escalating tensions during a press conference with his French counterpart, Jean-marc Ayrault.

“Once war (begins), the result will be nothing but loss all around, and no one will be a winner,” Wang stressed….



[Ed.: Ancient Chinese lesson plan:

“The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin…..]




Where Will You Go When North Korean Agents Release Biological Weapons In Major U.S. Cities? – End Of The American Dream

Posted by Michele Kearney at 7:15 PM

[Ed.: Having spent more than a few years studying and organizing emergency medical response and emergency management awareness — I am NIMS-certified in exercise design, published in the field on the use of simulations and the creation of virtual communities of practice, and I worked as a subject matter consultant to a major defense department contractor designing a system that was designed to teach civilian response teams to handle the outbreath of pathogenic disease — I classify this article as click-bait designed to attract buyers for books and materiel for the prepper community.]




an excerpt adapted from Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” which will be released on April 18. 



proposed House Bill #1 

Today’s Ed(itor)-ial suggestion:

Let’s get some legislation proposed that says that

no one may hold high Federal elected or appointed office who also maintains a citizenship in or from another country other than the United States of America

Call it House Bill #1. 

The debate and the commentary among the pundits should be interesting. 



See realtime coverage

Trump will keep list of White House visitors secret

Washington Post

The Trump administration announced Friday that it will not follow former president Barack Obama’s policy of voluntarily disclosing the names of most visitors to the White House complex, citing “grave national security risks and privacy concerns.


Presidency of Donald Trump »

President of the United States »

White House Visitors Office »

White House to Keep Its Visitor Logs SecretNew York Times

Surprise! Now the establishment is praising TrumpThe Hill

Most Referenced:Visitor Access Records | whitehouse.govObama White House Archives

Highly Cited:The White House Will Keep Its Visitor Logs SecretTIME

In Depth:Trump’s White House will keep its guest book secretLos Angeles Times







Huffington Post

Navy SEAL Under Fire For Moonlighting As Porn Actor

Huffington Post

The wife of a decorated Navy SEAL under military investigation for moonlighting as a porn star said he was just helping her career and shouldn’t be sanctioned.




At Choate, Four Decades of ‘I’d Rather Let It Go at That’

New York Times

Investigators say that for decades, administrators at Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut did not comply with a law requiring them to report …

US elite school Choate Rosemary Hall ‘sorry’ over sexual abuse

BBC News-2 hours ago

Report on East Coast prep school details decades of sexual …

ABC News-9 hours ago

Choate Rosemary Hall Acknowledges Years of Sexual Abuse: Report

NBC Connecticut-12 hours ago

Report names 12 at Choate Rosemary Hall who allegedly abused …

Highly Cited-The Boston Globe-Apr 13, 2017

Choate prep school investigation uncovers decades of sexual abuse

In-Depth-USA TODAY-11 hours ago






Posted on December 31, 2016 by WashingtonsBlog 

“… Pedophilia or child pornography have also been revealed among some current or former agents for homeland Security (and here and here), Customs, the State Department (and here), ICE, the Navy, Indian Affairs, Agriculture, EnergyFBI, CIA, Pentagon and other government agencies.

Pedophilia is also more widespread than one might believe in not only the Catholic church, but also Mormon, Baptist and other churches … and among Imams and Rabbis.

And a whistleblower alleges that the pedophilia by Congressman Dennis Hastert was much worse than we know, and that judges who are too “squeaky clean” are often not approved for nomination … while ones with skeletons in their closets are. And she says that high-level FBI managers have publicly confirmed this blackmail process.

And high-level NSA whistleblowers say that blackmail is one of the main reasons that the NSA conducts mass surveillance of Americans and other people.

So pedophilia is probably a lot more widespread than you believe … and a lot more resources should be allocated to stopping it and punishing the perpetrators.

Postscript:   We have no idea whether or not whether allegations that powerful people like Bill Clinton or Donald Trump engaged in pedophilia arranged by their billionaire convicted pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein are true or not.

And we have no idea whether or not there’s anything to the “Pizzagate”  claims. Several readers (and friends) have requested that we write about it.  But some smart people like Michael Rivero say that Pizzagate is a “poison the well” campaign to discredit alternative media and to distract from real scandals.

We’re expressing no opinion at all about such allegations. We’re only pointing out that pedophilia is a real and very destructive problem which is more widespread among those in positions of power than you might think.”



from Abel Danger


[over 40 minutes]







[Lest anyone think the first one was Russian agit-prop]


George Webb, Day 173


12.5 minutes in four parts

starting in West Islip, covering the MS-13 gang vs. murder for hire, limousine companies, Shannon Gilbert case, a network of brute crime

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