The scandal-ridden EB-5 program jumped back into the news this week with a Washington Post story about the Kushner company hawking Golden Visas in Beijing. Jared Kushner of course is Ivanka’s husband and a top adviser to the president. He has recused from EB-5 issues and divested from much of the family business, but that hasn’t fooled the Chinese. A culture that’s been around for four thousand years knows a few things about emperors and princelings.

We warned about EB-5 trouble in December and again in January. Critics say the visa program is a magnet for all sorts of shady deals. Senator Charles Grassley has denounced it on the floor of the Senate, saying the program may be “facilitating terrorist travel, economic espionage, money laundering and investment fraud.” A Government Accountability Office report said international funds for EB-5 visas could come through the “drug trade, human trafficking, or other criminal activities.”

Under EB-5, foreigners—these days, mostly rich Chinese—pay $500,000 for the so-called “Golden Visa,” gaining a green card and a path to U.S. citizenship. The program has brought in around $20 billion and possibly a lot more—it’s hard to get a firm figure out of the loosely supervised initiatives. It is beloved by the American real estate industry because it provides cheap money to finance development projects, including lavish spreads in Miami, Manhattan Brooklyn, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. Never mind that the program is supposed to provide funds for the creation of jobs in economically distressed areas.

The Trump Organization is connected to EB-5 through a $40 million play by a luxury hotel in Austin. Jared Kushner raised $50 million in EB-5 funds for a luxury tower in New Jersey. It’s the New Jersey project that thrust EB-5 back into the spotlight this week.

On Saturday, Washington Post reporters in Beijing got wind of a Kushner family EB-5 sales event. “Over several hours of slide shows and presentations, representatives from the Kushner family business urged Chinese citizens gathered at the Ritz-Carlton hotel to consider investing hundreds of thousands of dollars” in the New Jersey project, the Post reported. The event was led by Nicole Kushner Meyer, Jared Kushner’s sister. References to Jared Kusher and President Trump appeared in the promotional material. “Kusher family ties were an obvious part of the project’s appeal,” the Washington Post report noted.

“Even though this is the project of the son-in-law’s family,” Chinese investor Wang Yun told the Post, “of course it is still affiliated.”

Of course it is. To win favor with the emperor, do business with the prince. The naïve do not survive long in the swamp.







Comey Defenestration

READ: James Comey’s farewell letter to friends and agents CNN (martha r)

Republicans Close Ranks Behind Trump Bloomberg

Republicans rebuff call for new Trump-Russia probe Financial Times

Comey’s Firing Came as Investigators Stepped Up Russia Probe Wall Street Journal

Comey’s firing: Trump frustration finally boiled into action Associated Press (furzy). As we discussed yesterday, notice the role played by Sessions and Rosenstein.

Inside Trump’s anger and impatience — and his sudden decision to fire Comey Washington Post (furzy)

By firing Comey, Trump may have fanned the flames he hoped to control Los Angeles Times. While this is true, the problem is that you can’t prove a negative. Even if an investigation were to pronounce Trump clean (likely by virtue of having at most inconsequential relationships with Russians, and none with Putin or his inner circle), the Dems would be unsatisfied and would insist the probe was not thorough enough and/or interfered with.

FBI firing leaves Russia probe in uncertainty The Hill (furzy)

Democrats’ nuclear option over Comey’s firing: shut down the Senate Vox. Darius: “I’d follow Tom Perez nowhere.”

Lavrov trolls NBC before Trump meeting as US media, Democrats lose it over Russia RT (Lt. Columbo)

Comey Sought More Funding for FBI’s Russia Probe Before Being Fired Wall Street Journal

Trump Transition

The Conviction of an Activist for Laughing Portends Repression of Protest Under Trump Truthout










Rogers is a seasoned swamp veteran and an ardent supporter of the surveillance state. In 2013, he voiced his support for NSA surveillance programs. “You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated,” he said. In 2006 as a congress critter, he voted to allow electronic surveillance without a warrant, a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. He voted to let the government gather intelligence without congressional oversight and also voted to extend the PATRIOT Act. SOURCE: KURT NIMMO


The Spotlight Shifts to the DOJ Inspector General – Lawfare

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by Alan M. Dershowitz


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“… we refer back to the March 20th testimony of FBI Director James Comey where he is questioned by Freshman Representative Elise M. Stefanik.

Stefanik is a young, freshman republican congresswoman from the Albany New York area.  And using a probative questioning timeline, she single-handily pulled the mask from FBI Director James Comey, and exposed the corruption within the Gang-of-Eight yet no-one seems to notice.

In the segment of the questioning below Rep. Stefanik begins by asking director Comey what are the typical protocols, broad standards and procedures for notifying the Director of National Intelligence, the White House and senior congressional leadership (aka the intelligence Gang of Eight), when the FBI has opened a counter-intelligence investigation…..


Everything happens in the first three minutes of that questioning.  Against the backdrop to what you know now about Director James Comey’s investigation which began in July 2016, let’s unpack the response.

Director Comey said he informed the DNI (James Clapper), White House National Security Council (Susan Rice), and the DOJ who would have been his boss acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates (head of counter intelligence operations).   He DID NOT notify congress.

Again, review that 2:49 second Q & A segment.

Director Comey is admitting to congress that for eight months he did not tell them about the counterintelligence investigation “because of the sensitivity of the matter“.

From his own testimony Director Comey admits he coordinated with: Susan Rice (White House), James Clapper (DNI) and Sally Yates (DOJ Counter-Intel).  However, Comey also admits he intentionally did not tell congressional oversight.  EVER.

The people within congress who SHOULD HAVE BEEN notified of the counterintelligence operation are the ‘Gang-of-Eight’: (Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Nunes, Schiff, Burr and Feinstein/Warner) [*note Warner replaced Feinstein in ’17].

Director Comey is openly admitting to beginning an intelligence operation/investigation in July 2016 and intentionally not notifying congress until March 2017.  In essence, he is completely operating without oversight.

However, did you hear a single member of the Gang of Eight raise objection to this stunning revelation?

Comey is admitting to keeping the Go8 in the dark.  Comey is admitting to intentionally acting without oversight.  Did a single member of the Go8 call for his removal?  Did they protest this action?  Did they demand to know why he felt empowered to violate the checks-and-balances?


Not a single member of the oversight Gang of Eight raised an eyebrow after this testimony.  Why?

What is the purpose of oversight when the people doing the oversight don’t care if a non-elected official can operate independent of oversight?

Answer those questions and you can see the depth of the swamp…..”












2016 Post Mortem

“Clinton’s Defeat: Outside Factors Hurt, but Blame Falls on the Candidate” [Charles Cook, The Cook Report]. Two quotes, since Cook is about as close to a dean of political reporting as we have these days, David Broder [genuflects] having passed away:

But those [DNC and Podesta email] leaks and Comey’s pro­nounce­ments would not have made a dif­fer­ence had Clin­ton run a bet­ter cam­paign. In­stead of try­ing to win over mal­le­able voters, her team tried to re-cre­ate the Obama co­ali­tion of minor­it­ies, mil­len­ni­als, lib­er­als, and urb­an voters—nev­er mind that the can­did­ate was a 69-year-old white wo­man who had been in the pub­lic eye for 25 years, not a young, cha­ris­mat­ic, fresh face seek­ing to be­come the first Afric­an-Amer­ic­an pres­id­ent.


But you have to give cred­it to Trump and his cam­paign. He tapped in­to fear, an­ger, and re­sent­ments that polit­ic­al pros had either ig­nored or dis­missed. He settled down and be­came as fo­cused as he is cap­able of be­ing in the fi­nal two weeks, when it really mattered. And his cam­paign blew through cracks in the vaunted blue wall of states that Demo­crats thought was im­pen­et­rable.

The 2016 pres­id­en­tial elec­tion had a lot of mov­ing parts, a lot of vari­ables that alone might not have af­fected the out­come but col­lect­ively cer­tainly did. No one or two things ex­plain a race that be­low the radar was closer than na­tion­al polls in­dic­ated—and that on Elec­tion Day el­ev­ated to the pres­id­ency a polit­ic­al novice whose strength among or­din­ary voters was masked by the loath­ing of the elites.

Worth a read, if only for the refreshing lack of hysteria.


“The new [“Onward Together “] super PAC, if that’s what it is, would put the Clintons in the role of kingmakers, using money to help candidates they favor. And it will look suspiciously like a framework in the making for Hillary’s still-not-ruled-out 2020 campaign” [Los Angeles Times]. On the other hand, if only Clinton could lure the entire political class into the Great Sept of Baelor…

Imperial Collapse Watch

“NYU Accidentally Exposed Military Code-breaking Computer Project to Entire Internet” [The Intercept]. “The supercomputer described in the trove, “WindsorGreen,” was a system designed to excel at the sort of complex mathematics that underlies encryption, the technology that keeps data private, and almost certainly intended for use by the Defense Department’s signals intelligence wing, the National Security Agency.”

News of the Wired

“[In American culture] we have very high levels of self-esteem and narcissism. I think because of the big self-esteem movement, people just got it in their heads that the key to psychological health was self-esteem. Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell showed that because of this emphasis on self-esteem, we actually got a generation of narcissists. I think it’s generally out there in the culture, but maybe especially among parents and educators” [The Atlantic]. By contrast, self-compassion “means treating yourself with the same kind of kindness, care, compassion, as you would treat those you care about—your good friends, your loved ones.

“What Emotion Goes Viral the Fastest?” [Smithsonian]. “[R]esearchers at Beihang University in China… gauged various online emotions by tracking emoticons embedded in millions of messages posted on Sina Weibo, a popular Twitter-like microblogging platform. Their conclusion: Joy moves faster than sadness or disgust, but nothing is speedier than rage…. The one emotion that outpaced anger in Berger’s study was awe, the feelings of wonder and excitement that come from encountering great beauty or knowledge, such as a news report of an important discovery in the fight against cancer.”



Hanaford Tunnel Collapse

Roof failure was at a one-of-a-kind Hanford tunnel system Yakima Herald (martha r). Handy diagrams!

An atomic town revels in its plutonium past as tunnel collapse raises contamination concerns Washington Post (martha r)

Emergency alert at Hanford a call for cleanup Union Bulletin (martha r)





Trump signs order on cybersecurity that holds agency heads accountable for network attacks

Washington Post

1800 hours 5/11/17

President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order on cybersecurity that makes clear that agency heads will be held accountable for protecting their networks, and calls on government and industry to reduce the threat from automated attacks








Skip Bayless Believes Tom Brady ‘Is Playing For His Job’ This Season

[Ed.: Nominations for active players with better stats and performance record than Tom Brady should be sent immediately to http://www.thekraftgroup.com/careers/.]


“… Instead of position, thrust, lift, velocity and other physical parameters, IM theory uses parameters from communication theory. These include communication channel capacity, information entropy, number of messages sent (per unit time), and the velocity of those messages. This produces the IP measure which is similar to the Boyd formulation for specific energy (Es). Then, by comparing your information position (power) to other adversaries, you can determine whether you have the stronger or weaker information position, the basis for IM superiority. 

The principle here is the same as used for mechanical advantage in a system. If you need to elevate a car in order to change a tire it is nearly impossible to use your bare hands to manually lift the corner of the car you need to raise. However, by using a simple car jack you multiply your exerted force in the area you need to lift the car. IM works this same ratio in the information domain…..”


[Ed.: Take that same concept and examine the use of the newer information management software tools available to the military, intel agencies, and you as a decision-maker in your world.]






US Census Bureau director “Thompson’s departure, now slated for June, could further hamper a bureau already starved for funding and scrambling to prepare for the 2020 Census. “The Census is on a relentless calendar, and there’s much, much work to do over the next three years,” says Kenneth Prewitt, who ran the Census Bureau from 1998 to 2001 and now teaches at Columbia University. “With no one in charge, things slow down.” That’s a problem, because the decennial Census does more than count heads to allocate congressional seats. It provides a vital source of quality, public data on where and how people live. It’s a vital benchmark for government….

“It’s along racial lines. It’s low-income populations. It certainly affects immigrant populations, people who live in very dense apartment complexes, and sparse rural areas that are difficult to access,” says Ong. “Those populations tend to be undercounted systematically.”


[Ed.: This is undoubtedly good news to the Cloward-Piven pro-immigration crowd. But see also http://www.politico.com/agenda/story/2017/04/trumps-threat-to-the-2020-census-000404 ]





According to an article in Texas Public Radio, law enforcement will now have access to DHS’s biometric database. “Texas law enforcement are now getting a big assist from the federal government. Texas is the first and only state to get access to a massive Department of Homeland Security biometric database…”   Letting police have access to everyone’s biomterics is asinine and the potential for abuse will be astronomical. SOURCE: MASS PRIVATE I



This article comes from ZeroHedge.com Read more here.


Mark Zuckerberg, The Rock, Katy Perry And Oprah Winfrey Are All Thinking Of Running For President 





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UJ3NO0Qr70 [4:45]


Roundup in Vaccines

May 11th, 2017

Via: Moms Across America:

Glyphosate, a chemical ingredient found in Monsanto’s Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides, has been found in vaccines. Moms Across America received preliminary screening results from Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri which show the DTap Adacel (Sanofi Pasteur) vaccine had 0.123 ppb, Influenza Fluvirin (Novaris) 0.331 ppb and HepB Energix-B (Glaxo Smith Kline) 0.325 and Pneumonoccal Vax Polyvalent Pneumovax 23, (Merck) had 0.107 ppb of glyphosate.The MMR II (Merck) vaccine, which CDC whistle blower Dr.William Thompson has linked to autism, had levels up to 25 times higher than the other vaccines, at 2.671ppb. Subsequently, multiple rounds of additional independent tests have confirmed these findings at or above the same levels.

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Riot-Prone Mobs Are A Product Of America’s Cult-Like Education System  

“… If you are of sound mind and watched the anti-Trump demonstrations unfold on Inauguration Day, then during the recent anti-speech riots at the Cal Berkeley and New York University campuses, two developments probably stood out to you.

First, you could see how violent rioters systematically infiltrated and punctuated those purportedly “largely peaceful” protests. I dare say, the Black Bloc presence and body language looks eerily similar that of ISIS terrorists, right down to the black hoods and masks.

Second, there is a particularly cult-like feel to the behavior of these mobs: the incoherence, blind rage, encouragement of lawlessness, and utter hostility to anyone who doesn’t conform to their mindset. It’s an anger sustained by vilification tactics reminiscent of the “two minutes hate” in Orwell’s novel “1984.”

Rather than acting as individuals who exercise rational thought, participants in these mobs act more like atomized parts of manufactured hives. They have been deployed at the drop of a hat—at airports, town halls, campuses—no doubt to create the illusion of mass resistance to a duly elected president and his administration. Such mobs are also aggressively pre-packing and swarming town halls of GOP members of Congress in solidly GOP districts.

To what purpose? The professed hope, as stated by founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA Carl Dix as well as Princeton University professor Cornel West, who are founders of the Soros-funded group refusefascism.org,  is to mobilize “tens of millions” of resisters into the streets to bring down the Trump administration. Sen. Tim Kaine recently lent them his relatively moderate voice by calling for people to resist the Trump administration “in the streets.” Former President Obama gave them a shout-out as well.

If aggressive mobs can deploy enough warm bodies through their organized pyramid scheme of recruitment, the reasoning goes, then law enforcement will be overwhelmed and have to throw in the towel. Or maybe what’s left of civil society will devolve to civil war.

More at http://thefederalist.com/2017/02/13/todays-riot-prone-mobs-product-americas-cult-like-education-system/ 

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[ Watertown practice paid off.]


SANTA CRUZ – A federal arraignment is set next week for a former Aptos elementary school recreation director accused of colluding with a Tiburon baby sitter to gain supervisory roles to create and exchange child pornography, according to court documents.

Ryan Spencer

The leadership roles, including jobs as camp counselors, teachers and baby sitters, enabled the men to facilitate thousands of illicit images and videos of children, according to documents from the FBI investigation. Illicit materials and methods were exchanged on the messaging app Kik.

Former Mar Vista Elementary School recreation director and baby sitter Ryan Michael Spencer, 19, and Bryan Petersen, 24, of Tiburon remain in U.S. Marshals Service’s custody, according to court documents.

U.S. Attorney Brian Stretch, in a motion May 3, requested the court not to release the men before trial on the presumption that “there are no conditions of release that can reasonably assure the safety of the community.”


Spencer and Petersen allegedly generated more than 10,000 images and videos of child pornography while working as baby sitters and sharing files and information on the messaging app, Kik, Stretch wrote in his May 3 motion asking the court to uphold pretrial detention.

“Kik messages exchanged between Petersen and Spencer show that the men solicited jobs as baby sitters, camp counselors and teachers in order to gain access to children; that they sought physical contact with the children and encouraged them to remove their clothes; that they took photos of the children entrusted to their care while the children were naked; and that they shared those images with at least each other,” Stretch wrote.

An FBI search warrant was served at Petersen’s home April 26, when he admitted to having child pornography, Stretch wrote.

“Given evidence that Petersen and Spencer were actively victimizing children, the agents arrested Petersen on the spot,” Stretch wrote.

About 18 months ago, Peterson and Spencer allegedly met in Aptos for Spencer to fill a hard drive with illicit files.

“Petersen stated that Spencer’s primary source of income is from baby-sitting children and that Spencer takes photos and videos of the children when they are naked,” Stretch wrote. “Petersen noted that Spencer’s preference is for children approximately four to eight years old.”


Spencer told authorities he had experience obtaining materials from the dark web and said both men had experience in computer programming, Stretch wrote.

The motion also mentions previous allegations that Petersen had child pornography in 2013 and 2015.

When the FBI searched Spencer’s home April 27, Spencer admitted that he looked at illegal images of children, Stretch wrote. Agents seized his devices and found Kik messages about the men actively soliciting baby-sitting jobs “to have physical contact with children, to take lewd and lascivious photos of them and to share those photos with each other,” Stretch wrote.

Multiple parents who had hired Petersen as a baby sitter issued impact statements, describing suspicions of Petersen “grooming” a child for lewd acts, Stretch wrote. Another parent described a developmentally disabled child’s change in behavior after being watched by Petersen.

Spencer retained Sacramento attorney Christopher Parkhurst on April 28, according to court documents.

Public Defender Daniel Paul Blank was appointed to represent Petersen’s case.

Stretch also wrote that both men set up baby sitter profiles on care.com to solicit new clients.

“While projecting a veneer of competence and trustworthiness, both defendants committed the most heinous of crimes,” Stretch wrote.




THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

Falling from balcony

The Silent Slaughter of the US Air War”.  “War and Empire: the American Way of Life”.

No, the “New” CNN Video of the Chemical Incident Does NOT Prove that the Syrian Government Did It”.

US Military Has Entered Southern Syria to Train “Moderate” Rebels”.  “Jordanians ‘won’t support ground intervention in Syria'”.  “Washington Approves Arming Kurdish Forces in Syria, … against Turkey, its NATO Ally”.  “Video: Trump Administration Approves New Plan to Arm Kurdish Forces in Syria”.  “Syria’s De-Escalation Zones Explained”.

Mosul Hasn’t Been Fully Liberated ‘Because of Washington’”.

US Sponsored “Regime Change” in Venezuela is Now Official. US National Security Advisor McMaster Calls for a “Quick, Peaceful Solution””.

White House leakers have new target: H. R. McMaster”.  “Washington Loves General McMaster, But Trump Doesn’t”.  ‘Nation building’.

Motive for McCarthyism:  “Powerful D.C. lobbyist linked to $7.7M purchase of Rustic Canyon lodge”.

Tunnel With Radioactive Waste Collapses – No Real Solution In Sight”.  Fukushima x Oroville Dam.  See also:  “The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump, a political hot potato, is back”.

Turkish writer dies after falling from balcony as police raid home for arrest”.

“Meltdown”: The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland Writes Jeremy Corbyn’s Obituary”.  Missing the obvious – it’s Khazars versus Corbyn.  “Exclusive: 100 moderate Labour MPs to form breakaway group if Jeremy Corbyn stays on after a Tory landslide” (my emphasis in red):

“Moderate Labour candidates are already in talks with potential donors . . . ”

Chronic pain: Honor above comfort”:

“have nothing to do with people like her”

Best possible headline (anti-racist Islamophobia!): “Soldiers of Odin splinter in Canada over ‘racist agenda’ of far-right group’s leadership in Finland”.  “White Supremacist Threat in Ottawa-Gatineau: The Local Soldiers of Odin”.

Good to see some push back:  “Fury in Argentina over ruling that could see human rights abusers walk free”.

You’d have to be unbelievably stupid, or well paid off, to be following what Nuland and Soros want you to do:  “The Color Revolution Continues In Macedonia”.

Important new high treason news:  “How To Smuggle US Nuclear Triggers to Israel”.

AT 5/11/2017 09:47:00 AM







Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation” by F. William Engdahl is a skillfully researched book that focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish control over the very basis of human survival: the provision of our daily bread.

This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO.  Engdahl takes the reader inside the corridors of power, into the backrooms of the science labs, behind closed doors in the corporate boardrooms. The author cogently reveals a diabolical world of profit-driven political intrigue, government corruption and coercion, where genetic manipulation and the patenting of life forms are used to gain worldwide control over food production. If the book often reads as a crime story, that should come as no surprise. For that is what it is.

Engdahl’s carefully argued critique goes far beyond the familiar controversies surrounding the practice of genetic modification as a scientific technique. The book is an eye-opener, a must-read for all those committed to the causes of social justice and world peace.

What follows is the Preface to “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation” by F. William Engdahl (available through Global Research):



A Wayne Madsen piece from 2005 followed by a string of videos