Over the last couple of days…, really, a gradual process that has extended back over weeks, months, years… I’ve come to the conclusion that it is time for me to take an extra step back, to slow down, to turn my attention to other things, to take a step deeper into a retirement that has been built slowly, to change my rhythms, output and focus. 

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The first thing this will mean is that I will do fewer posts under the Occurrences banner. To that end, I have prepared a blogroll I’ve used and you may use — along with your own — in my absence. 


I will probably make entries that will be shorter, but the days of lengthy cut-and-paste of a day’s or two days’ worth of obscure, alternative, non-mainstream news are over. 

Let’s be blunt: It’s increasingly difficult to speak in the middle of a cacophony of fake news, propaganda, outright lies, cyberwar, and psy-ops generated by the elitist few amidst interference generated by governments, intelligence agencies or armies of people paid to make noise. 

I shall continue to post at 

http://boydownthelane.com  and 

http://thesullenbell.com  and 


but posts will be different, shorter, and less frequent.  



I am going to write a book, or maybe two, or maybe even three. The process will direct how it goes, how fast it goes, and where it will go. 

I have a small library on how to write at my out-stretched right hand that I’ve been building and reading for years now. I’ve assembled a stack of over 50 topically-related books on my outstretched left-hand, and files inside the computer. Tomorrow, I go to the store to buy several reams of paper and an encryptable thumb drive. 


I’ll be sitting on my deck, or patio, or in my office clacking away on the qwerty’s, the asdf’s and some zxcvb’s.

Pray for, meditate on and contemplate global coherence, peace and the end to psychopathy at an interpersonal, social and political level.

Have a nice summer.





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