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Russia Retaliates Against Obama Expulsions, Plans To Seize US Property In Moscow

Zero Hedge,

10 June, 2017

One of the last acts of Obama’s presidency was to “impose costs” on Russia over election-hacking allegations (so far unproven) by expelling 35 Russian diplomats and seizing two compounds in NY and MD. Putin initially warned of “proportional response” but then surprised many by “refusing to sink to ‘kitchen’ diplomacy.” However, six months later, Reuters reports Russia may seize U.S. diplomatic property in Moscow.

23 days before the end of his presidency, and just as the post-election Russia-blaming paranoia was getting going, Obama unleashed sanctions against Russia

Statement by the President on Actions in Response to Russian Malicious Cyber Activity and Harassment


Today, I have ordered a number of actions in response to the Russian government’s aggressive harassment of U.S. officials and cyber operations aimed at the U.S. election. These actions follow repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the Russian government, and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm U.S. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior.


All Americans should be alarmed by Russia’s actions. In October, my Administration publicized our assessment that Russia took actions intended to interfere with the U.S. election process. These data theft and disclosure activities could only have been directed by the highest levels of the Russian government. Moreover, our diplomats have experienced an unacceptable level of harassment in Moscow by Russian security services and police over the last year. Such activities have consequences. Today, I have ordered a number of actions in response.



The State Department is also shutting down two Russian compounds, in Maryland and New York, used by Russian personnel for intelligence-related purposes, and is declaring “persona non grata” 35 Russian intelligence operatives.




Russia’s initial reaction was to warn of a “proportional response”

“The US sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of 35 diplomats in 72 hours are the signs of a real paranoia. Without any grounds for it another round of extremely aggressive steps towards our country are being made basing only on mere assertions.”

But Putin quickly took a different tack… saying it would wait to see if relations improved under the incoming U.S. president, Donald Trump.

Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration.

And with that one statement, Obama lost the diplomatic war with Russia.

However, six months later, it appears Russia has had enough of playing the ‘diplomat’ and as Reuters reports, according to the daily Kommersant, Russia may seize U.S. diplomatic property in Moscow and complicate life for an Anglo-American school unless Washington hands back two diplomatic compounds in the United States before July.

Kommersant, citing unnamed diplomatic sources, said on Friday that Moscow wanted the compounds back before a possible meeting at the G20 in Germany in July between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump.

If that did not happen, the newspaper cited the sources as saying Russia could retaliate by seizing a U.S. diplomatic dacha, or country house, in Serebryany Bor in north-west Moscow and a U.S. diplomatic warehouse in Moscow.

It said that Russian authorities could also complicate life for Moscow’s Anglo-American school by altering its legal status.

Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on Thursday that Moscow was still waiting for the return of its U.S. compounds and could retaliate in kind if that did not happen.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. But one thing is for sure, this renewed potential for US-Russia tensions will not be taken by the media or the left as any indication that Trump is anything less than Putin’s puppet… because that would blow the entire narrative (just like Comey’s testimony did this week).

What goes around comes around


Israel bans Heinz Ketchup because it’s linked to liver, pancreas, immune system, and brain issues 





Comey Testimony

Trump Asks Entire Senate To Clear Out Of Chamber So He Can Speak To Comey Alone Onion (David L)

Five takeaways from Comey’s dramatic testimony The Hill

James Comey’s Remarkable Story About Donald Trump The New Yorker (furzy)

The tweet that got James Comey to go to the press CNN

What We Learned, And Didn’t, From Comey Testimony Bloomberg (furzy)

Comey Raises Concerns About Loretta Lynch’s Independence New York Times. Furzy: “Why wasn’t Loretta on the stand??”

James Comey and the Predator in Chief New York Times

Some Dems see stronger case for ‘obstruction’ after Comey bombshells v. Sessions pushes back on Comey testimony Politico. Note Sessions takes issue with its accuracy.

Comey, Trump Accuse Each Other of Lying in Wake of Hearing Bloomberg

Comey’s statement weakens already weak obstruction of justice case Asia Times. Important. From of all people staunch Trump opponent Alan Dershowitz. Has any mainstream US media outlet in the US picked up his take?

New York Times stands by story James Comey called into question CNN

Former FBI agent: ‘I literally wanted to rinse myself off’ after Comey statement The Hill. Lambert: “But read all the way to the end!!!!”

Trump and the Democrats stumble into a ‘Wilderness of Mirrors’ Fabius Maximus. Important.

Why Amazon should keep prescription drugs off its voluminous shelves The Conversation (J-LS). Dear God, I had no idea this was under consideration. Gah. 



June 9, 2017 at 2:23 pm

Trump’s behavior is preventing all kinds of bipartisan achievements!

I saw this on MSDNC this morning.

Yep, Pelosi is nostalgic for the architect of the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, deregulation, climate change denialism, and on and on. But Shrub was a guy you could have a beer with because he kept the illusion Versailles wasn’t a sewer full of floaters who wear suits.

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lyman alpha blob
June 9, 2017 at 3:19 pm

Wow, Pelosi with her ‘let them eat cake’ attitude is questioning Trump’s mental health? She’s lucky it isn’t 1789 right now or she’d be carrying her head around in a basket.
All of these tone deaf sociopaths ought to be thrown in the loony bin.

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“How was this investigation to have ever been legitimate?” 



The Real Obstruction of Justice We Heard From Comey – InvestmentWatch

“… The complete politicization of the Justice Department under Obama has now been exposed….”

Posted by Michele Kearney at 2:40 PM 


Articles: Loretta Lynch, Swamp Thing 

Posted by Michele Kearney at 2:25 PM 


“… During his testimony Thursday to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey said Lynch ordered him to call the probe a “matter” instead of an investigation.

Michael Mukasey, who was attorney general form 2007-2009, said that action amounted to collusion between the Obama-era Justice Department and the Clinton campaign…..” 

Posted by Michele Kearney at 2:55 PM


James Comey shows Americans that law does not apply to the elite |

“… You must, President Trump and Judge Sessions, move quickly on the issue of enforcing the law against the bipartisan U.S. political elite and incarcerating those who are convicted — no pardons, no plea bargains, no probation, no omissions.

All the other improvements for the republic aspired to by the Trump administration are important, even essential. But none is as important than beginning to enforce the law against the gangster-dominated American elite. Legally draw their blood, gentlemen, or they will reverse whatever advances you accomplish for the republic when they rig the next election and defeat you. That result will bring on civil war.

And recall, Mr. Trump and Judge Sessions, that you are defenders of the republic and that your oaths-of-office and the Constitution require you to make sure all of the laws are enforced. The citizenry demands no more than that you do your duty.

If you fail to do so, you leave Americans only one option. Their legitimate means of eliminating the gangster-elite, when the law fails or is not applied, is provided by our Founders and the 1st and 2nd Amendments they bequeathed to their posterit

And after all is said and done, Mr. President and Judge Sessions, if you fail to do your constitutional duty, or are prevented from doing it, the gangster-elite will quickly come to understand why the Lord allowed men of ingenuity and skill to create the AR-15.”

Posted by Michele Kearney at 3:14 PM  




A video has surfaced of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich questioning ballot integrity during the Election Data Summit in 2015.


FRIDAY, JUNE 09, 2017

Queasy feelings

Another big day for the peasants.  Terrible, horrible day for the Khazars, one of their worst days ever.  The narrow loss is much better than a narrow win, as May (or, hopefully, Clown Boris) will be temporarily stuck with her own problems, making for a big Labour win the next election.

Tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet (referring to a tweet from May 5).  Tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet.

ISIS recruiter who radicalised London Bridge attackers was protected by MI5″.

Hey, might as well have real terrorists running Britain and be done with it:  “DUP chief Arlene Foster met UDA boss days after loyalist murder in Bangor”.

Jeremy Corbyn Has a History of Support for the Latin American Left”.

Seriously?:  “As Comey Bolsters “Obstruction” Case, Prospects of Trump Impeachment Rise”.  More like it:  “The Comey Testimony is Great for Trump, Terrible For Democrats”.  Also!:  “Comey Slams NY Times’ Fake News On Russia Probe: “Story Was Almost Entirely Wrong”” and “Comey Testifies AG Lynch ‘Pressured’ Him To Use Clinton Campaign Language; “It Gave Me A Queasy Feeling””.  After Comey’s pre-released statement made it clear that he wasn’t going to be useful in impeaching Trump, the entire mainstream media basically decided to sit this one out, leaving Zero Hedge to step into the breach.

Russia-gate’s Mythical ‘Heroes’”.  None of these IC characters can bear much scrutiny.  Not a shock – in a pool full of snakes, it is the snakiest who make it to the top.

What’s with the new Washington style, started by trend-setter Hillary Clinton, of publicly having a stroke?  Stroking out is in.  I heartily approve!

US Intelligence Says Russian Hackers Are To Blame For Qatar Crisis: CNN”.  “CNN Exclusive: US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news behind Qatar crisis”.  They must have a template:  ‘Russian hackers are to blame for ______’.

The Pivot? Qatar Foreign Minister To Visit Moscow On Saturday”.

Qatar and the forty thieves”.  The Qataris are all world-class assholes, and deserve to find their heads on pikes, but we cheer for them as their enemies are even worse.

Trump’s Sword Dance Sets Off the War of the Wahhabis” (Escobar) (damaged by more ridiculous pipeline speculation):

“Unlike Qatar, the House of Saud and the UAE are one step away from establishing diplomatic relations with Israel – the sine qua non condition imposed by Washington to insert Israel in an anti-Iran Arab NATO guided by Riyadh.

A previous row in 2014 offers additional background. Regional intel operatives confirm at the time there were military Emirati maneuvers not far from the Qatari border; London and Paris, for instance, knew all about it.

But the head of the House of Saud in charge at the time was the late King Abdullah, who was in fact an appeaser. The Head-Chopper-in-Chief now is Warrior Prince Mohamed bin Salman, a.k.a. MBS, an arrogant twat who’s already, miserably, losing a war on Yemen — conducted with billions of dollars in US and UK weapons — that has provoked a horrific humanitarian crisis in the poorest nation in the region. It is MBS who ordered the Saudi demonization of Qatar.”

Qatar in the Cross-Hairs – How Bad can it Get?”

Speaking of world-class assholes:  “The Continuing Linkage Between Israel and Today’s Terrorism”.

Christian Islam Versus Jewish Islam”.

He was not kidding: he was dead serious”.

Pat Lang made a big mistake in discussing Qatar, the commentators pointed it out, so now he is taking his ball and going home!

Latest Kurt adventure:  “Tucker Talks Tentacle Porn After Kurt Eichenwald Caught Red Handed”.

New York Court Rules Jews are Above Animal Cruelty Laws”.

Saudis apologise after London attack snub in Australia”.  “Outrage as Saudi Arabia’s football team SNUBS a minute’s silence for London Bridge terror victims ahead of World Cup qualifier against Australia because ‘it is not in keeping with their culture'”.  Their culture is slaughtering infidels, not mourning them.

The Life and Death of One of Syria’s Most Beloved Minesweepers”.  Unheralded individuals who do the dirty work of undoing the damage done by the fuckers deserve to be commemorated.

This is hilarious: when the Western media thought his family was pro-rebels, it was a great humanitarian story”.

Tweet (Dan Cohen):

“Amnesty International campaign manager/Syria regime change fanatic deems Palestinian call for BDS “Assadist””

ISIS Attack Exposes Anti-Iran Propaganda”.  We reach peak absurdity when the Saudis or their stooges accuse anybody of fomenting terrorism.  “ISIS Was “Allegedly” Behind the London Bridge Attacks, Who Is Behind ISIS?” (Chossudovsky).

NATO Splinters: Germany Says “Has No Choice But To Pull Out” Troops From Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase”.  Trump seems to have pulled a lot of festering tensions to the surface.

The Paris Climate Agreement’s Failure Was Structurally Inevitable”.

There’s Less than Meets the Eye in Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal”.  Though the PR around it was enough to pump up the fool Salman into going after Qatar.

Dutch-Russian cyber crime case reveals how the police taps the internet”.  1) Russians will help if you ask; and 2) Dutch police are surprisingly invasive.

Journalist shield law could soon become reality in Canada”.

City police call B.S. on Breitbart report of massive pro-Trump Hill rally”.

What neo-Nazi Canadian foreign policy will look like:  “An audacious vision of Canada’s place in a changing world”.

AT 6/09/2017 07:50:00 AM



Like he’s a Palestinian house

Every Khazar dark cloud has a silver lining:  “Theresa May to be propped up by Christian Zionists”.  “7 nasty or awkward DUP beliefs that show their deal with Theresa May could be a coalition of chaos”.  “The DUP is Not Okay”.

Letter from Roger Barham to The Guardian:

“I should like to draw attention to the possible effect on the government of Northern Ireland arising from any alliance between the Conservative party and the DUP. The Northern Ireland assembly is currently in suspension because the two major Stormont parties, DUP and Sinn Féin, are unable to reach a power-sharing agreement. If, as seems probable, this remains the case, the administration of the province’s domestic affairs will be undertaken via direct rule from Westminster.

Direct rule by a non-partisan British government is one thing; rule by an administration heavily influenced by the DUP is quite another and would seem contrary to the spirit of power-sharing embodied in the Northern Ireland peace process. I should like to ask what provision might be put in place to safeguard the rights and interests of the nationalist community in Northern Ireland should a Conservative-DUP alliance emerge.”

How to turn direct Israeli support for terrorism into a positive through the ubiquitous PR campaign of the Jew-controlled media:  “The Relentless Pulse of Pro-Israel Propaganda in Our Lives”.

New Video Destroys ‘Little Omran’ White Helmets Propaganda – Proves WH, Terrorists Used Boy As Propaganda”.

What Reality Winner Did Was Heroic” by John Kiriakou:

“Cole approached me in 2008 to say that he was writing a book on the CIA’s rendition program. He sent me a list of a dozen names and asked if I could introduce him to anybody on the list. I told him truthfully that I was not involved in renditions and that I did not know anybody on the list. He followed up with a second list, and then a third. I finally said that he obviously knew the issue far better than I did and that I just couldn’t be helpful. Finally, he said, “What about the guy you mentioned in your [first] book? I think his name was ‘John.’” I said, “You’re talking about John Doe. He must be retired by now and living somewhere in Virginia.” That conversation was a crime. I confirmed the name of a former colleague to Cole. Even though I had no idea that colleague was still undercover, it was still a felony.

But the story gets much worse. As it turned out, Cole was never working on any book. Instead, he was secretly acting as an investigator for the Guantanamo defense attorneys. He took John Doe’s name, sent it to a fellow investigator, John Sifton, and Sifton sent it to the attorneys. The attorneys then put the name in a sealed, classified motion asking the judge for permission to interview Doe. The Guantanamo judge immediately recognized that the name was classified and he called the FBI. The FBI subpoenaed the defense attorneys’ emails and traced one back to Sifton. Sifton either cooperated with the FBI (he later testified against me in the grand jury) or the FBI subpoenaed his emails, and traced the information back to Cole.

The next step is still a mystery. The FBI either subpoenaed Cole’s emails – those of a working journalist – or Cole ratted me out to the FBI. Neither Cole nor the FBI have ever said what happened.

And it wasn’t just me who Cole manipulated. In the course of my case, my investigators found ten pages of handwritten notes from Cole, provided to us by a friendly attorney, wherein Cole had spoken with a disgruntled former CIA employee who had eventually given him the names of ten different undercover CIA officers. Cole also passed these names to the Guantanamo defense attorneys, whose investigators then photographed these officers at a secret CIA site so that the Guantanamo detainees they represented could identify them. That’s not journalism. It’s activism. It’s also highly unethical.”

The Intercept has employees with big, hard-earned, reputations.  How can they possibly continue to work for this honeypot?

The Crisis in Qatar” (The Saker):

“The Three Rogue States have the same problem: their military capability to threaten, bully or punish is rapidly eroding and fewer and fewer countries out there fear them. Their biggest mistake is that instead of trying to adapt their policies to this new reality, they always chose to double-down over and over again even though they fail each time, making them look even weaker and their initial predicament even worse. This is a very dangerous downward spiral and yet the Three Rogue States seem unable to devise any other policy.”

The Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy: Questions, Hints and Allegations”.  Horribly marred by some fake news inserted about Nixon, part of the vast material being generated for the Clintonista attack on Trump (why do I see so much good stuff wrecked by the insertion of hobby-horse clunkers of PR?).  Ainsworth, an actual terrorist who died committing a terrorist act, is the girl in the polka-dot dress, while her fellow terrorist, Tarrants, is still alive.

The tweeters are on fire.  Tweet.  Tweet.  TweetTweets (lots of ((()))). TweetTweet.

It is just nice to hear somebody say out loud what most are thinking:  “Johnathan Pie on the UK General Election result”.

Hawaiian pizza inventor Sam Panopoulos dies aged 83″.

AT 6/10/2017 07:16:00 AM

Supply line

BREAKING: Syrian Army, Hezbollah reaches border with Iraq for the first time in years” (my emphasis in red and green!):

“Late on Friday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hezbollah and allied Iraqi paramilitary contingents dashed through southeastern Homs and reached an Iraqi border point, thus slicing adrift the frontline between rebel forces based in the Al-Tanf region and ISIS militants in the neighboring Deir Ezzor governorate.

Unopposed by the US Airforce and its vetted Syrian proxies, the SAA and its allies drove through over 40 kilometers of abandoned desert territory and managed to link up with an Iraqi garrison across the border.

The advance was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and an Hezbollah-linked outlet moments ago.

Effectively, the SAA is now able to reopen trade between Damascus and Baghdad. Government forces have not controlled any parts of the largely ISIS-controlled border with Iraq since 2014.

In addition, Hezbollah is now able to be supplied with weapons from Tehran via an all-important land route. Previously, the Lebanese group relied on complicated airlifts for new armaments.”

Operation “Grand Dawn” Post 3 – TTG”.

Are current US relations with its Khazar masters that bad?  What of all the talk that the Americans and its stooges were going to win this race?  Where is all the wailing from the you know whos over this Iran-Hezbollah Holocaust supply line?  There must be more to this story, as the Khazars are never this passive.

AT 6/10/2017 08:04:00 AM


Sunday funnies: 





The recent diplomatic fracture among some of the biggest Arab nations is so “dramatic,” it could spiral into a war, Germany’s foreign minister has warned in an interview with local media. 





Corbyn’s ‘gobsmacking’ result confounds critics Financial Times. After nearly 40 years of neoliberal policies, pundits have managed to believe that ordinary citizens are content to get the short end of the stick. The backlash has finally taken place.

Election 2017: What is happening? Possibly one of the biggest upsets in UK political history Independent. Subhead from earlier in the AM: “With Brexit negotiations less than two weeks away, if the exit poll is correct then there will be complete chaos.”

It Looks Like No One Has Won The UK General Election. WTF Happens Now? BuzzFeed (Richard Smith)

For U.K. Conservatives, Potential Leadership Successors Emerge Wall Street Journal:

Betting companies immediately offered odds on her potential replacements. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power PLC had Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in the lead, followed by Brexit minister David Davis and then Treasury chief Philip Hammond.

Dear God, Johnson is a horror and Davis is stupid. Hammond by default is the best of those choices, but was opposed to Brexit. But given that the election appeared to show that voters at most want a “soft Brexit,” plus someone who is known to like the EU would have better odds of getting the negotiations on a decent interpersonal footing, he would seem to be the best man the Tories have for the job. Whether they can get their minds around that is another matter entirely. 


UK Election Aftermath

The youth for today: how the 2017 election changed the political landscape Guardian (UserFriendly)

The Facts Proving Corbyn’s Election Triumph Counterpunch

EU fears Brexit delay, uncertainty after shock UK vote Asia Times

Merkel: ‘EU ready to start Brexit talks’ BBC. Why do I interpret this as a poke in the eye?

Theresa May’s plans for hard Brexit in disarray as opponents say she has no mandate Daily Mirror

Theresa May fighting to stay in Downing St as senior Tories ponder leadership challenge Telegraph

Theresa May stares into the abyss after election disaster The Times. “A diminished prime minister was forced to promise Philip Hammond — the chancellor she was planning to sack — a greater say over Brexit as she faced up to the realities of having lost her absolute majority in an election she was under no pressure to call.”

George Osborne savages Theresa May in four editions of the Evening Standard – each more vicious than the last Telegraph

Crippled Conservative Party forced to send a mayday for DUP after general election The Times

UK political chaos could accelerate Brexodus Politico

Ruth Davidson planning Scottish Tory breakaway as she challenges Theresa May’s Brexit plan Telegraph. Important. Davidson is ideally positioned to bring May down. She’s an established, tough pol of stature even before this election, where she played a big role in the Tory gains in Scotland. She’s also a lesbian and an alliance with DUP will be unacceptable to her. She needs very few to follow and May will no longer have her majority. And she may well pull more than the 13 Scottish Tory MPs, since May opponents who may not want to lead a campaign against her could rally around Davidson on the DUP and hard Brexit issues. 


Chinese Style Internet Censorship… in Britain?

June 10th, 2017

Via: Independent:

Theresa May has refused to rule out censoring the internet like China.

The prime minister has looked to introduce sweeping and deep changes to the way the internet works, in what she claims is a necessary move to prevent terror. Those have included restricting the kinds of things people can post online and forcing internet companies to weaken security so that intelligence agencies can read their messages.

Many of those plans have been criticised by internet companies, who argue that such undertakings would require them to put their customers safety in danger and undermine their businesses. It might not even be possible to comply with such rules, they have argued, since laws in other countries explicitly prohibit such measures.

Now Ms May says that she won’t rule out simply “taking down” the “rogue internet companies” like China has.

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‘ On the stump, Corbyn has always been a first-rate yeller, with a nicely calibrated sense of grievance’ [Benjamin Wallace-Wells, The New Yorker]. Professionals don’t yell, right? That said, this is good:

On Wednesday night, Corbyn gave the final speech of his campaign, in the stunning Union Chapel, in Islington, his own constituency. Near the end, he took out his reading glasses and gave a dramatic performance of a few melodramatic lines from Shelley. “Rise, like lions after slumber / In unvanquishable number! / Shake your chains to earth like dew / Which in sleep had fallen on you: / ye are many—they are few!” Corbyn was standing in front of a red background emblazoned with Labour’s slogan: “For the many, not the few.” He said that he and his audience had stood together in places like this for countless protest meetings over the decades—”protect this, defend that, support this person.” “Tonight is different,” Corbyn said. “We’re not defending. We’re not defending. We don’t need to. We are asserting. Asserting our view that a society that cares for all is better than a society that only cares for the few.”


Much much more here: 

Oh, and this:

News of the Wired

“The Benefits of Talking to Yourself” [New York Times]. “The two types of self-talk you’re likely most familiar with are instructional self-talk, like talking yourself through a task, and motivational self-talk, like telling yourself, “I can do this.”… The study concluded that motivational self-talk worked best on tasks based on speed, strength and power, while instructional self-talk worked best with tasks that involved focus, strategy and technique.” Interesting, if true.



Reluctant Remainer Theresa May Loses… Or Did She? Lord Buckethead Aside, the Biggest Loser May Be… Brexit

Posted on June 9, 2017 by willyloman

by Scott Creighton






Ann Taylor, Dress Barn, Loft, Lane Bryant: Store closures on the way – Jun. 10, 2017

Posted by Michele Kearney at 6:08 PM  


“The tweeters are on fire.  Tweet.  Tweet.  TweetTweets (lots of ((()))). TweetTweet.

Tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet (referring to a tweet from May 5).  Tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet.”

[Ed.:  Tweeting is a focused communication, not a broadcast. At least marginally narcisstic and attention-getting behavior, in some cases, it is obviously propaganda, disinformation, or diplomatic domestic or international Tweaking.

If there is something of interest and value therein, some clue as to what it is or what it’s about would be helpful to the reader.  The reader has to be given some form of incentive why he or she shoulkd take the time to click on multiple serial links.

I dearly love reading and following Xymphora but I regard the entire Tweet interaction game as a waste of my time, much like I regard Facebook.]


Podcast: Host Andy Steele is joined by independent journalist James Corbett and by AE911Truth CEO Richard Gage, AIA, to discuss 9/11’s impact on American society and the road forward for the truth movement 


15 Dec 2010


Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to relax rules which automatically ban sex offenders from caring for children, saying that this could breach their human rights.

In an article in the respected Child and Family Law Quarterly, Miss Reece suggested that reoffending rates were not high among sex criminals, adding: “despite growing public concern over paedophilia, the numbers of child sex murders are very low.”

A review is currently ongoing into the Vetting and Barring Scheme, introduced following the 2002 Soham murders, amid concerns by ministers that it is too heavy handed.

As well as banning certain offenders, the law currently requires adults coming into regular contact with children other than their own to be screened.

Mrs May ordered the review amid concerns about the vetting of ordinary volunteers such as parents who drive children to football practice and church flower arrangers.

In her article, Miss Reece suggested that the review should also introduce an assumption that sex offenders including child abusers posed no threat once they had served their sentence.

She said: “There is no reason why all sex offenders should not be considered as potentially suitable to adopt or foster children, or work with them.

“The Vetting and Barring Scheme and other legislative measures single out sex offenders for unfair special treatment and they destroy the principle that a prisoner pays his or her debt by serving their sentence before re-entering society on equal terms.”

Individuals are placed on the “Barred List” and banned from working with youngsters or vulnerable adults if they are convicted of a sexual or violent offence, or one involving the mistreatment of a child.

Miss Reece criticised the rules for leading all sex offenders to be “tarred with the same brush,” saying that while “careful screening” was “important,” the issuing of a “blanket ban” violated the rights of criminals who wanted to adopt or work with young people.

She highlighted the case of a grandfather with a conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old dating back to when he was 29, who was refused permission to adopt his own grandchildren.

The ban could contravene the principle of non-discrimination enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, and may leave the Government open to legal challenge, Miss Reece warned.

Comparing sex offenders to cohabiting couples, she suggested that if blanket bans on the former were allowed, it would make sense to bar those who were not married from adopting because parents who were wed were less likely to separate with harmful consequences for the child.

She also highlighted the case of four nurses who recently won a High Court challenge after being barred for having convictions. One of the nurses was banned over a police caution for leaving her own children alone in their home.

“Rather than presuming that everyone is a potential risk to children and must therefore be vetted, any vetting or barring should be based on very strong evidence that they are a risk,” the academic said.

“This would represent a victory not only for human rights but for protecting the best interests of children.”

Miss Reece has been at the LSE since September 2009, having previously worked at the University of London, University College London and Birkbeck College.

A trained barrister, she has an MSc in logic and scientific method, and was awarded the Socio-Legal Studies Association Book Prize in 2004 for a monograph called “Divorcing Responsibly.

She has also argued that rape victims should no longer be granted anonymity.

A Home Office spokesman said: “It is safe to say that the vetting review will not be considering allowing paedophiles to adopt. It wouldn’t exactly go down well with the public.

“The review is very much focused on seeing whether the rules have gone too far in stopping normal volunteering with children, while continuing to carry out criminal records checks on people in sensitive posts, such as in the NHS.” 

Helen Reece, Associate Professor of Family Law, died on Wednesday 26 October 2016 


Lactatia is becoming a social media star 




Polanski in the News 


PedoGate Update: The Global Elite’s Pedophile Empire is Crumbling – But Will it Ever Crash?

“Tory Smith openly accused Vice President Mike Pence of being “a pedophile and child murderer,” and that Pence was the globalist system’s running mate choice foisted on Trump not unlike Reagan’s required VP was Bush senior. Speculation exists over whether Pence may have been responsible for Tory Smith’s death for exposing Pence’s child sex trafficking.”

Read more of this post


The principal of a little school in upscale Brookline, MA announces that he is transgender.

The e-mail announcemement to members of that school’s “community” also included the following:



Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie


The Trans List:



Our Trans Loved Ones:

*** We have many copies of this excellent resource guide in the Main Office. Please come for a copy!***


Books for Teens and Adults

Bergman, S.B. (2009). The nearest exit may be behind you. Arsenal Pulp Press: Vancouver. Gino, A. (2015). George. Scholastic: New York.

Kellermann, S. (2013). The social justice advocate’s handbook: A guide to gender. Impetus Books: Austin, TX.

Teich, N. (2012). Transgender 101: A simple guide to a complex issue. Columbia University Press: New York, NY.


Books for Young Kids

Hall, M. (2015). Red. Harper Collins: New York.

Hoffman, S. & Hoffman, I. (2014). Jacob’s new dress. Albert Whitman & Company: Park Ridge, IL.

Walton, J. (2016). Introducing Teddy. Bloomsbury Children’s Books:New York.



Letter from Brookline Superintendent of Schools

Excerpt from school blog for first graders: 


Today we had a powerful conversation about what it means to be transgender. I began by asking the children if they remembered reading Red (by Michael Hall) and Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress (by Christine Baldacchino). We discussed what we remembered about the message in the books. We also talked about the Pineapple Project performance a couple months ago. I was happily surprised how many students remembered specific details about the books and performance! A common theme is that what you look like on the outside doesn’t always match how you feel on the inside, and it’s important to do/play/wear whatever makes you feel happy.

Next I read Introducing Teddy (by Jessica Walton). In this story, a child named Errol and Thomas the Teddy are great friends and love playing together. One day, Errol notices that Thomas looks sad. He asks why and Thomas replies, “I’ve always known that I’m a girl teddy, not a boy teddy.” Errol is very understanding, ensures her they’ll still be friends, and happily introduces Tilly the Teddy to another friend. Errol and Tilly the Teddy continue playing together, doing all the fun things they’ve always done.

At the end of the book a student asked if this has to do with Dr. Sevelius. I was happy to see that many other children were thinking the same thing because you’ve already talked with them at home about Dr. Sevelius’s transition. I explained that Dr. Sevelius let teachers and parents know this week that he is going to be a man now. This is something he’s thought about for a long time, and his friends and family support his decision. One student said he saw on Facebook that someone who wasn’t a Heath parent shared an article about Dr. Sevelius. He guessed other people are talking about him even though they don’t know him because he’s being very brave and he wants others to feel brave, too. Such powerful words coming from a seven year old!

Finally I showed the pin I’m wearing and asked if they’ve noticed other teachers wearing them too. On their own students figured out what the pink, blue, and white stripes signify. Students made their own “ribbons” to show we support Dr. Sevelius and other transgender people in our Heath community. I encourage you to continue to talk with your child, allowing them to process and ask questions. Please see Dr. Sevelius’s letter for specific resources and recommendations.


Disturbing New Law Allows Gov’t to Steal Kids from Parents Who Oppose ‘Gender Identity’

2017-06-10 14:37:59

Rachel Blevins

A startling precedent has just been set that could lead to the government seizing children from parents who oppose the “Gender Identity” agenda. 




McDonald’s restaurants on both coasts are serving up the restaurant chain’s famous french fries sporting a rainbow-themed box in celebration of homosexual “pride” events. The “gay” themed fries are being served between June 9 and 11 at three specific Washington, D.C., area McDonald’s restaurants located along the route of the June 10 Capital Pride Alliance homosexual parade. Washington, D.C., McDonald’s franchises have proudly announced their sponsorship of the weekend spectacle.

[Ed.: But hold the ketchup…!!]



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