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Ryan Barenklau, from the Washington-based intelligence company Strategic Sentinel, told ‘This is a very tragic event. There is not much information currently on how an advanced destroyer could have collided with a massive cargo ship, but I am confident that there is a reasonable explanation and I am sure we will hear what that is in the coming days. 



The HuffPost has removed an article that called for President Donald Trump to be executed, along with all members of his administration and GOP leadership who are complicit in advancing his agenda centered around national security and economic prosperity.

The now-deleted piece was published on June 11 – just days before domestic terrorist James Hodgkinson attempted to massacre dozens of GOP lawmakers during an early morning baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

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‘Assassination list of Republicans’ is found in the pocket of Trump-hating gunman who opened fire on GOP congressman at baseball practice | 17 June 2017 | The gunman who opened fire on a group of congressmen and their staffers on Wednesday morning at a baseball practice session in Alexandria, Virginia, had ‘an assassination list of Republicans’ in his pocket.

“which suggests the shooting was a premeditated act of political assassination”. 


Left Forum 2017 – Reality Check: Time for Radical Resistance and Green-Left Collaboration

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George Washington: Special Prosecutor Mueller Is a Political Hack

Robert Mueller epitomizes what is wrong with the Washington establishment.

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[Ed.: Calling someone a hack is apparently contagious among the punditry.]






By Adam Garrie | The Duran | June 16, 2017

Reports have surfaced that during his heated exchange with Stephen Colbert, Oliver Stone responded to statements from Colbert repeating the tired narrative about Russia interfering in the US election by bringing up an elephant in the room that many media outlets have totally ignored.

Stone said of alleged and thus far totally unproved Russian interference,

“Israel had far more involvement in the US election than Russia, why don’t you ask me about that?”

Colbert, quick to end that part of the discussion replied,

“I’ll ask you about that when you make a documentary about Israel”

This section of the interview was edited out of the final broadcast, but multiple sources, including many pro-Israel sources testify to the existence of the in-studio exchange.

Few could reasonably deny that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is extremely power, well funded and influential.

Oliver Stone touched on a deeply important issue, one that clearly did not fit the anti-Russia stance of Stephen Colbert and his producers. 



“… America’s so-called war on terror is a fabricated hoax. Its alleged anti-ISIS campaign supports the scourge it claims to oppose…..” 



Special effects

UAE paid $3bn to finance coup attempt in Turkey: Report”.  “Oliver Stone Calls Out Israeli Interference In American Presidential Election” (see also:  “Oliver Stone: Israel is more dangerous than Russia”).  Note that the Jew-controlled media edited out the most interesting part of the interview.

See also:  “HuffPo Publishes Article Calling for Trump’s Execution, Pulls It After GOP Shooting”.  “‘F*ck Steve Scalise’: HuffPost writer wishes ‘violent resistance’ were more ‘organized’”.  “Joyce Carol Oates’s ‘A Book Of American Martyrs’ Captures The Full Devastation Of Gun Violence”.

Resistance In A Time Of Gunfire”.

The blockade of Qatar may have more to do with Palestine than we think”.  The Saudi attacks parallel an anti-Qatar, anti-Hamas bill in Congress, one with Jewish fingerprints all over it.

Real Talk on Reality”.  Proposing that it wasn’t the dots that caught her (but it still involved information obtained from The Intercept).

What is the dirtiest, filthiest, and stinkiest airline in the world? Well, it is not difficult to guess”.  “Adventures of riding on an Israeli occupation airline”.

Notorious Saudi Terrorist Gets Targeted by a Suicide Bomber in Idleb, Syria”.

Evidence of fakery in BBC “Saving Syria’s Children” is now undeniable”.  Will they change the Oscar category to ‘special effects’?

The Forward publishes criticism of Alison Weir, but refuses to publish response”.

Labour’s Israel lobby plans to relaunch campaign against Corbyn”.  Luckily for Corbyn, and Britain, and human civilization itself, the Khazars are always their own worst enemies.

Pierre is busy, what with Reality and all:  “OffG’s PayPal Account has been frozen – please cancel any recurring donations”.

Someone Is Trying to Discredit the Story of Peter Thiel’s Interest in Young Blood”.  The clever Mike Judge comedy Silicon Valley recently mocked the idea.

Leaked Files Show How the CIA Can Hack Your Router to Spy on You”.  “The CIA has been rooting around in your WiFi router”.  “Cherry Blossom”.

Tweet (Jeffrey St. Clair):

“Trump slammed the door on US travel to & business deals with Cuba, which just might save the island from the neoliberal shock therapists”

Tweet (George Bell):

“Thom Yorke feeling awfully sorry for himself for being an imperialist scab and called out on it. Poor Thom. (No mention of Palestinians.)”

Tweet (Aaron Maté):

“At 7:55 of this interview, ex-Qatari PM says it was a mistake for Gulf-US to fund jihadist groups in Syria”

Tweet (Mirror Politics) (see here and here and here, with colorful comments, of course – what might have happened had the fire occurred before the election?):

“Here’s the difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May’s visits to Grenfell Tower …”

AT 6/17/2017 05:49:00 AM


[Ed.: Was the Grenfell Tower fire a satanic blood sacrifice?] 

Grenfell Tower Inferno Aftermath

London Fire: A Tale of Two Tower Blocks BBC (Alfred)

London tower block fire occurred due to countless ignored fire safety warnings Architects Newspaper (John N)

Homes, schools and hospitals all fitted with deadly cladding The Times. Aiee.

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The Goyim Know

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June 17, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

“… It is Corbyn’s openness to a dialogue that made him the most popular politician in Britain. It is Corbyn’s opposition to Israel that made most Brits see him as a genuine ethical voice. And the recent terror attacks in London made even more Brits realise that fighting Israeli proxy wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq may be the stupidest thing this Kingdom could do. Many Brits prefer peace and at least half of them believe that Corbyn may be the person who can deliver.

The recent election reveals that the Brits have developed a total fatigue with Zionist lobbying and Israeli driven global conflicts. They are tired of the likes of Theresa Je Suis Juif  May and Sir. Eric Holocaust Envoy Pickles.

And importantly, Brits are utterly revolted by local councils that trap the poor and the disabled in polyethylene clad death towers. They can see that Grenfell Tower engulfed in fire resembles Gaza under Israeli attack. They detect a devastating cultural continuum….”


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Life – Week of 06.11.2017

Latest Solari Donation

Truthstream Media

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Melisa Melton…Hero of the Week…This week on the Solari Report



“… The demands of the Russian Revolution quickly gave birth to a whole new genre, socialist realism or constructivism (“production art”), in which smiling peasants and strident factory workers were portrayed in bold colours and geometric shapes, pithy slogans slapped on top. Anatoly Lunacharsky, who was in charge of the People’s Commissariat for Education shortly after the Bolsheviks took charge, believed that by depicting the perfect Soviet man, art could create perfect Soviets.

Propaganda did not work just on what was shown; it worked also on what was omitted. Stalin was a master of this. Long before the advent of Photoshop, technicians in Russia manipulated photos so much that they became outright lies. David King, in The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia, wrote that during the Great Purges, in the 1930s, “a new form of falsification emerged. The physical eradication of Stalin’s political opponents at the hands of the secret police was swiftly followed by their obliteration from all forms of pictorial existence”. The book highlights classic cases of “now you see me, now you don’t”. It includes a series of images featuring the same backdrops but with rotating casts, depending on who was or wasn’t in favour at the time.

At the heart of authoritarian propaganda is the manipulating of reality. The authoritarian must undermine this,” said Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley, author of How Propaganda Works, in an interview with Index.

The birth of mass media meant that propaganda didn’t need to confine itself to unmoving imagery. Instead, people’s minds could be influenced in a far more interactive way. Lenin called the radio “a newspaper without paper… and without boundaries” and used it to promote the Bolshevik message. And the revolution was televised, first at the cinema and then on TV. Sergei Eisenstein’s most famous films – October, Battleship Potemkin and Alexander Nevsky – were huge successes precisely because they fused technical brilliance with politically correct storylines.

The myriad possibilities of propaganda were not lost on Hitler, either. He devoted two chapters of Mein Kampf to it and, once in power, recruited a minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, who declared that with enough repetition and understanding of the human psyche, people could be convinced that a square was a circle.

Propaganda once again changed with the advent of the internet as information, or misinformation, could be spread with a simple click. Yet even though the game has moved on, the rules remain the same. Whether it’s a fabricated blog post, a viral video of North Korea bombing Washington or tirades of tweets telling everyone you’re going to Make America Great Again, these are all timeless tactics repackaged for the modern day. ….” 



Feminist Camille Paglia: Giving Puberty Blockers To Kids Is ‘Criminal Violation Of Human Rights’

During an interview with The Weekly Standard, published on Thursday, feminist author and professor Camille Paglia sounded-off on the anti-science transgender movement, highlighting the disturbing trend of administering puberty blockers to children deemed transgender, which she labeled “a criminal violation of human rights.”

Paglia, an open liberal who identifies as a lesbian, explained that she’s “highly skeptical about the current transgender wave, which I think has been produced by far more complicated psychological and sociological factors than current gender discourse allows.”

“Furthermore, I condemn the escalating prescription of puberty blockers (whose long-term effects are unknown) for children,” she added. “I regard this practice as a criminal violation of human rights.”

Paglia is correct. Giving your gender-confused child hormone blockers, therapies and even facilitating mutilating surgeries (yes, that happens) is tantamount to child abuse. In fact, there is a movement of such victims currently sounding the alarm on the so-called “transgender cult” pushing these harmful ideas.

One such victim recalled her painful experience:

“I am a real, live 22-year-old woman, with a scarred chest and a broken voice, and five o’clock shadow because I couldn’t face the idea of growing up to be a woman, that’s my reality,” said Cari Stella, a de-transition woman blogger, who is one of those now telling of her heartbreaking reality after transgender therapies and surgery. “Gender was done to me, gender was traumatizing to me, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore. … It can be damn hard to figure out that the treatment you’re being told is to help you is actually making your mental health worse. Testosterone made me even more dissociated than I already was.”

As previously noted by The Daily Wire, studies show that the vast majority of children suffering from gender confusion identify with their biological sexual identity by the time they reach adulthood; this number is estimated to be upward of 80%.

Still, the mainstream media have time and again sought to normalize the practice of child-transitions, featuring countless “accepting” parents celebrating their child’s transgenderism. (As we all know, when your 5-year-old son tells you he’s actually a girl — the same child who told you he was a dinosaur three days ago — you take drastic steps to capitulate to his feelings, instead of guiding him, AKA parenting.)

Paglia went on to smack the Left for their anti-science stances: “[I]t is certainly ironic how liberals who posture as defenders of science when it comes to global warming (a sentimental myth unsupported by evidence) flee all reference to biology when it comes to gender,” she said.

“Biology has been programmatically excluded from women’s studies and gender studies programs for almost 50 years now,” added the feminist. “Thus very few current gender studies professors and theorists, here and abroad, are intellectually or scientifically prepared to teach their subjects.”

Always unafraid, Paglia then uttered what the Left would undoubtedly deem “hate speech”:

The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible. Every single cell of the human body remains coded with one’s birth gender for life. Intersex ambiguities can occur, but they are developmental anomalies that represent a tiny proportion of all human births.

“[N]o one deserves special rights, protections, or privileges on the basis of their eccentricity,” she argued, adding that there should be no “state-sponsored coercion to call someone a ‘woman’ or a ‘man’ simply on the basis of his or her subjective feeling about it.”

“We may well take the path of good will and defer to courtesy on such occasions, but it is our choice alone,” she said.

The feminist ended by offering some good advice for the Democrat Party: They “must get off their high horse, lose the rabid rhetoric, and reorient themselves toward practical reality and the free country they are damned lucky to live in.”

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Also of note to those who promote transgender issues is this article,, one of a series by Sharon Lerner on Dupont’s Teflon toxins.

“… DuPont described GenX as having “a favorable toxicological profile” — a phrase Chemours has also used in its marketing materials. But DuPont’s own research calls that characterization into question. The company submitted 16 reports of adverse incidents related to GenX between 2006 and 2013, describing experiments in which lab animals exposed to the chemical developed cancers of the liver, pancreas, and testicles as well as benign tumors. The industry research also tied GenX to reproductive problems, including low-birth weight and shortened pregnancies in rats, and changes in immune responses…..”


Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion

June 16th, 2017

Via: Bloomberg: Inc. will acquire Whole Foods Market Inc. for $13.7 billion, a bombshell of a deal that catapults the e-commerce giant into the supermarket business with hundreds of stores across the U.S.

Amazon agreed to pay $42 a share in cash for the organic-food chain, including debt, a roughly 27 percent premium to the stock price at Thursday’s close. John Mackey, Whole Foods’ outspoken co-founder, will continue to run the business — providing a lifeline to the embattled executive after a fight with activist investor Jana Partners.

The deal sends a shockwave across both the online and brick-and-mortar industries, uniting two brands that weren’t seen as obvious partners.

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[Ed.: The harbinger of just-in-time robotized food delivery by the Deep State?]


“… some industry analysts say a deal like this was inevitable. Amazon, they say, needs hundreds of traditional retail stores before it can fulfill the ultimate ambition of founder Jeff Bezos — to become America’s dominant shopping destination for pretty much everything.

The reason is simple: Despite the hype, Americans don’t spend all that much online. According to the US Census Bureau, Americans last year spent $395 billion at Internet stores, or about 8 percent of total retail purchases. Amazon was the big winner, but that’s just 2 percent of the $4.8 trillion in US retail spending last year.

“The problem with e-commerce is there’s just not the consumer demand,” said Kurt Jetta, chief executive of TABS Analytics, a consumer products research firm in Shelton, Conn. “In general, it’s not as big as people say it is.”

OH, NO!!!!

By paying $13.7 billion for Whole Foods and its 460 retail stores, Amazon can reach millions of shoppers in the real world. While Amazon is serious about brick-and-mortar retailing, Brendan Witcher, principal analyst at Forrester Research in Cambridge, said the company will leverage Whole Foods as a way to win more online business. Witcher said many Amazon customers buy an item or two every now and then. But everybody buys food at least once a week.

Except the homeless and the hungry, but within the circle of people he is concerned about that’s accurate.

Jetta warned that to get the most of the Amazon-Whole Foods deal, “They’re going to need to do something to expand their appeal beyond the high-income urban millennials.”

Why? That’s who this world is for and whom we all exist to serve. That’s certainly the impression I get from reading the regional flag$hip everyday.

Not everybody was favorably impressed by the Whole Foods deal. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense,” said Michael Cusumano, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Selling groceries, he said, is “not a good business to be in for anyone.”

It does if you want to control people. Water and food, that’s pretty basic. I mean, other than oxygen.

Cusumano noted that the supermarket business delivers famously thin profit margins, averaging 1.89 percent last year, according to data from New York University’s Stern School of Business. He noted that Amazon has prospered by not saddling itself with retail real estate and large inventories of perishable products, but by purchasing Whole Foods, “it brings them into the margins of the grocery business.”

Barry Lynn, director of the Open Markets Program at New America, a liberal think tank in Washington, said federal antitrust regulators should step in to block the Amazon-Whole Foods deal.

They won’t. You see who is in office, right?

“This is just a straight up monopolization,” Lynn said. “They’re leveraging their dominance of e-commerce to now take over physical retail, to drive physical retailers out of business. And they’re doing a damn good job of it.”

But Jetta said traditional grocers won’t be overwhelmed by Amazon’s arrival on their turf.

“For context, Walmart built 3,500 supercenters in this country,” Jetta said. Yet despite that kind of market saturation, other supermarket chains like Kroger’s, Albertson’s, and Stop & Shop weren’t blown away, he said. “They are still in place and probably stronger than ever,” Jetta said.

Yeah, too bad Kroger just took its biggest one-day loss since 1999, but when you are spinning dreams of go$$amer….. doesn’t he follow the stocks?


Sorry for not showing up yesterday.

“Amazon to acquire Whole Foods” by Janelle Nanos Globe Staff  June 16, 2017 Inc. said Friday that it would buy the Whole Foods grocery chain for $13.7 billion, a move that may accelerate the convergence of online and traditional shopping and insinuate the company even more deeply into consumers’ lives.

What’s more, the deal has the potential to shift how Americans eat.

“Two things happened today: Amazon took a giant leap forward in the fresh-food market, and now has instant credibility” through the Whole Foods brand, said David Portalatin, a vice president and food industry analyst at the NPD Group. “But this is not only about e-commerce. They also became a brick-and-mortar retailer in a big way.”

Does that come in a packet or pouch, and what do I mix it with?

Whole Foods, based in Austin, Texas, operates more than 460 stores and rang up sales of $16 billion in 2016. But its sales have dropped as grocery chains add more organic offerings, and the company has undergone a series of management shake-ups and cost-cutting.

Portalatin said fresh food has long been considered the “final frontier” in convenience for online consumers. The barriers were obvious: You can’t see, smell, taste, or otherwise inspect food while shopping on a phone or computer. But, to its fans, the Whole Food name bestows a level of trust that customers have come to rely on.

Only 7 percent of Americans order their groceries online, but that number is poised to grow significantly, Portalatin said.

Amazon has long eyed the US grocery sector, which has annual sales of more than $700 billion, as ripe for the kind of disruption it has brought to books and in-home video. It opened a grocery store prototype called Amazon Go last December. The Seattle store uses tracking technology to enable shoppers to simply place items in their carts and pay electronically as they walk out of the store without stopping at a cash register.

Which means jobs for humans are eliminated. 

At least any theft or fraud will be eliminated, among the lower ranks of corporate governance anyway.

While analysts don’t see Amazon introducing Go technology to Whole Foods stores anytime soon, they do believe that the company will instill its fixation on offering low prices at Whole Foods, which has been criticized for its high prices.

The 21$t-century robber baron strategy.

“One of the most immediate things I would expect is Amazon working to eliminate the ‘Whole paycheck’ moniker” that’s long been associated with the chain, said Adam Salomone, a venture capitalist and cofounder of the Food Loft, a Boston-based startup incubator for food businesses.

The acquisition, Amazon’s largest, also has the potential to change the very nature of the food that shoppers will buy, said Brita Rosenheim, a food industry analyst with Rosenheim Advisors.

The advent of meal kit subscription services like Blue Apron, combined with increasing demand for healthy and organic products, has forced grocery stores and traditional consumer packaged suppliers to search for new ways to give consumers fresher, more innovative products.

They’re now going to have to compete directly with the private-label grocery offerings sold by Whole Foods and Amazon.

“You have two powerhouse private-label brands that when combined will really pose the need [for traditional grocery stores] to rethink their product mix, let alone how they’re going to be distributing,” Rosenheim said. “This is a game changer for them now, when you combine the Amazon ethos and intellectual property in terms of selling to the young consumer who is focused on fresh and healthy.”

Jetta didn’t seem to be worried. WTF?

The sale was also hailed by players in the retail industry as a sign that the brick-and-mortar store is still important to consumers.

“We can officially stop talking about how e-commerce is going to eat the world,’’ said Tom Erskine, chief marketing officer of the Boston-based retail technology firm One Door. “There are things that the physical experience delivers which never goes away.”

I’ve been saying that about the online excu$es for the retail collapse. For months now.

But the shopping experience itself is likely to change, said Elliot Rabinovich, a professor in supply chain management at Arizona State University…..

I guess I’m going hungry then.


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